Prickly Patrol, Part 2

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The group reconvened to the east of the camp, having been briefed by Bian on what Kite wanted, expected, and the locations of where he wanted the traps. was in a field of cactuses. Generally tall and slender ones though. Everyone split off to start planting the traps. Digi and Bian were one team, Maran, Pharion, and Zar’roc were another, and Fay and Kaza were the last pair.  “So...we’re just setting up a bunch of trip wires?” Fay asked. “Seems simple enough. Shame about the nonlethal restriction though.”

“Why is that bad?” Kaza asked as he knelt and planted the improvised bomb packed with Spelon powder at the base of one of the cactuses so it wouldn’t be so easily spotted and had something solid to anchor itself to.

“Well if we could just kill them they wouldn’t be any more trouble.” Fay said simply. “Sure the locals might not appreciate it, but once someone’s set on the life of crime, there aren’t many things that will actually put them back on the straight and narrow. Better to make an example of them and get it over with.”

“That’s awful mean of you…” Kaza sighed. “People might think you’re a criminal if you talk like that.”

“Well, who says I’m not?” Fay asked. “I’ve done some bad things. The difference is I’m not targeting weak people or doing this for my own benefit. It’s more vigilantism.” Kaza seemed curious now. Fay never really talked about himself or what he did in his own time. sent chills up his spine. If he put the pieces together...Fay...killed people? Fay noticed the small look of fear in his eyes and chuckled. “Ah, slip of the tongue. Guess the cat’s out of the bag. I write books.”

Kaza stared at him with a dumbfounded expression. This threw him for a complete loop. “...Huh?”

“I was reciting some likes I had for the prolog.” Fay said simply. “It was supposed to be a surprise but I talk a lot when I’m bored. Oops.”

“Then…you don’t?” Kaza asked with a hopeful glimmer in his eyes.

“Nope. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not strong.” Fay said and stood up, displaying his slender build. “Not enough muscle or overpower someone or strike a fatal blow. It’d be more believable if someone like...Pharion said he killed people.” Fay knelt down and set the wire now that the bombs were in place.

“No it wouldn’t!” Kaza said. “Pharion’s way too nice to do bad things like that!”

“I was talking from a physical standpoint.” Fay explained. “He’s huge and fast. He could literally crush us under his weight alone. Plus if you didn’t know him as well as we did, you might even be scared of him, because he’s just way too big.”

“Hmmm...I guess.” Kaza conceded the point. “Have you finished setting the wire?”

“Yep.” Fay said and stood up, wiping some sand off of his knees. “Any ideas?”

“Ideas?” Kaza asked. “Whatcha mean?”

“For traps in the desert.” Fay said simply. “I thought you were gonna think something up. You seemed pretty interested in making traps.”

Kaza’s ears flattened against his head and he looked away. “...Well...turns out I’m not very good with thinking of anything that’s not basic.” He sighed. “I tried thinking of some but they don’t work in an environment that is nothing but sand and cactuses. Pitfalls just...can’t work and anything I DO think up can lead to long-lasting or permanent injuries.”

“Ohhh?” Fay asked. How interesting that the only traps that work in Kaza’s mind and potentially lethal ones. “Well I suppose if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work...maybe we should leave it to Maran and Bian.”

“W-wait! What about caltrops?” Kaza asked almost frantically. He needed to try...something! “A-a snare trap?”

“Caltrops would sink into the sand, and I don’t think a snare trap would be too effective.” Fay said and patted the Abra on the head. “Nice try though.”

“Oh…” Kaza sighed. He wasn’t too happy about it but...well, he didn’t honestly have a lot of experience with traps, and he didn’t have the resources anyway.

“You may practice when you get home.” Bian offered. Fay and Kaza both flinched as Bian spoke out of seemingly nowhere and they looked up to find him looming over them.

“God damn Bian...stop sneaking up on us!” Fay grumbled.

“That was not my intent.” Bian said simply. “I simply make no sound as I travel through the air. Regardless, I see how you have finished setting up your trap. You were the last to finish.”

“Huh?!” Fay looked shocked. “We didn’t take that long!”

“It’s not that you were slow...more the fact that we were simply faster.” Bian said simply. “Digi is surprisingly good at this once I told him how to do it. His claws are very dexterous.”

“I’ll bet they are.” Fay snickered before clearing his throat. “, the traps are all planted then?”

“That is correct. I have noted how they are set up and their exact locations. Maran is currently enchanting the bombs themselves.”

“Maran’s doing what?” Zar’roc asked, trotting over along with Pharion. Fay and Kaza tensed up again...they’d wanted to ask what Maran was enchanting the bombs with, but they couldn’t in the presence of these two...possibly the only members of the household that DIDN’T know she was a magic user.

“Examining the bombs.” Fay said. “I’m surprised you guys are done already.”

“Well all she needed us for was to dig holes.” Pharion said. “She just started making things float and did the rest herself so...we kinda just wandered off and let her work.”

“I suppose that was the best thing to do given the circumstances.” Bian stated. “Well then, until she finished with her extra preparation, why-”

Bian was cut off by Digi’s sudden bout of yelling and pointing to the sky. “HOLY SHIT FLYING MELONS!”

“Flying what?” Zar’roc asked and looked up, as did everyone else. They had failed to notice their silent flying guests...the Sigilyph.

“Well shit, they’re here already.” Fay muttered.

“We were expecting melons?” Digi asked.

“Those are not melons.” Bian said. “Look again.”

“What are you talking about?” Digi asked and looked at them again. “They’re round...and have forks sticking out of them...and they’re flapping...and have three eyes...those aren’t melons.” Digi said, his tone becoming less and less enthusiastic as he went on until he arrived at his realization. “...What do we do with these again?”

“I believe we’re simply supposed to make sure nobody runs them out of the cactus field. Just watch I suppose.” Zar’roc muttered.

“...Can I throw some sand at them?” Digi asked.

“I would advise against agitating them.” Bian said simply. “We should not agitate them. They are also psychic types if my information is correct.”

“Ahhh….crud.” Digi muttered and stared at one on particular. It adjusted its gaze and stared back at him. Soon the others joined in and all gazed upon the sandshrew, and he definitely stared back, growing more and more determined to win what he thought was a staring contest.

Everyone stayed silent until Maran trotted beside him some ten minutes later and whispered in his ear. “They can’t blink sweetie.”

“What? AHHHHHH!” Digi growled in frustration but remained with his eyes locked on them out of sheer anger if nothing more. Fay complemented this revelation by flicking a bit of sand at the sandshrew’s wide eyes but Maran shielded him with her wing and gave him an icy glare.

Maran placed a wing infront of his face, breaking the eye contact he had with his ‘opponent’. “Blink sweetie.” She reminded him, and he did, only to wince in pain because his eyes were actually in a great deal of pain. She scooped him into her wings and cradled him. “I suppose we’re sticking around here until they decide to leave?”

“Seems like it.” Pharion said and sat down. “So...anyone got some cards?”

“No.” Kaza said and looked back up at them. “...We were given permission to drive them off though.”

Fay perked up as he heard this. “...Didn’t we have some extra bombs?”

“If we encountered the bandits.” Kaza said. “I put them behind that cactus. Why?”

The idea apparent to everyone but Kaza, but before they could stop him, he’d grabbed three of the bombs and chucked them at their floating guests. The bombs exploded against them, releasing the burning Spelon berry powder. This got a reaction from them as they started fluttering much harder and fled. They still didn’t make a sound but they were in full retreat. “FAY!” Maran squawked angrily.

“What? I just ran them off.” Fay said, failing to hide his pleased smirk.

“You’re such an ass.” Zar’roc sighed.

“That was very mean of you!” Kaza agreed.

“Ehhh, kiss my ass.” Fay said dismissively. “We’re done here. Let’s leave. I’m hot and uncomfortable!”

The group wanted to continue to voice their disapproval but...they were liars if they didn’t agree with wanting to leave. “Alright everyone gather up.” Maran said. They all gathered around and she teleported them back to the hotel. They...wouldn’t mention this to her if Aisha asked.
A continuation I wanted to put off. >w< Maybe cutting it a little close.

Zar'roc and Kaza belong to Team Arlion
Fay and Bian belong to Sacred Search
Maran and Digi belong to Gaia's Flight
Pharion belongs to Team Frostfire
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