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Zar’roc chuckled as Kaza wrapped the scarf around his neck and then started fiddling a bit with it, smoothing out the wrinkles and making sure that the stars were all visible. “You don’t have to dote on me like this Kaza, I’m sure I’ll look fine if I do it myself.”

“No, it’s okay, really! I don’t mind…” Kaza said hurriedly as continued to search the scarf for anything he could improve on, anything at all. A wrinkle, a fold…Zar’roc was about to go infront of so many people. Granted he was never one to get stage fright, but Kaza couldn’t help but be a little worried for him. What if something went badly and they all booed him? Would it affect him? Maybe...nobody likes being booed or embarrassed infront of so many people, and they didn’t exactly practice what he would do out there. Would he really just show off the scarf? How? Was he supposed to do a trick. Kaza groaned and buried his face in Zar’roc’s chest. That was his default to pretty much anything, hide in Zar’roc’s fur until things were better.

Zar’roc smiled and patted Kaza’s head. “Shhhhh...things will be alright.” Zar’roc said softly. “I just have to show off this scarf, nothing will go wrong.”

“But what if something does go wrong?” Kaza asked. “What if everyone boos at you…?”

“Then I’ll leave it to you to cheer me up.” Zar’roc said and kneeling down, nuzzled him gently. “You know how to cheer me up when something doesn’t go well.” Kaza said nothing but couldn’t help a small smile. “Atta boy. Alright, looks like it’s my turn.” Zar’roc said.

“Ahhh...good luck!” Kaza said as Zar’roc stepped towards the curtains.

“I have Super Luck, you know that!” Zar’roc said jokingly, and walked through the curtains onto the well-lit catwalk.

Zar’roc had to raise a paw to shield his eyes from the near-blinding lights as they focused on him, his eyes slowly adjusting to it. He lowered his paw and made himself step forward, half-closing his eyes to try and block out some of the light. The Star Seeker, the black scarf with yellow stars and white twinkles on it however, practically shimmered in the spotlight. Zar’roc made his way to the end of the catwalk, and took a pose, raising his head up high to invoke a regal air about him, letting them see the scarf in all it’s glory. He had nothing to say, words were not needed. There were there to look at his scarf, not listen to him. He was just the model...but he certainly looked rather good with it. The black scarf contrasted nicely with his white fur. He could feel the eyes on him, and gave the crowd a smile before turning around and walking back down the catwalk. He’d given them a good look at the scarf, that was all he had really been asked to do. Any longer than was needed and Kaza might be a little worried...well, even more worried than he already was.

Kaza raced over and hugged Zar’roc tightly, letting out a relieved sigh. “Oh...things turned out okay, thank goodness!”

“What did I tell you?” Zar’roc said, patting Kaza on the head. “Everything is fine, especially with you.”

“Your...nice.” Kaza said, blushing a bit and nuzzling him. “Sorry for being worried.”

“You were just trying to look after me, nothing to say sorry about.” Zar’roc said. “Let’s go home to have a snack.”
Season 1 June General Task 2: Chantelle's Fashion Show
Result: Present
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Super luck x3
Aye Kaza the cute little worrywart~