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Fay chuckled as he examined the crowd that had gathered outside of Andalusst. “You’ve done quite well to gather such a crowd Zar’roc!”
“Well, you said there were a lot of them.” Zar’roc said with a grin. “Members from all three guilds joined in on this. We might just end up a bit popular from this.”
“Well, an ambitious expedition to take out a bandit group and take the carts they’d taken was enough to grab attention. The guild leaders let us do this. It’s a shame they were a bit too busy to join in though.”
“Buried in paperwork is one of the...less desirable aspects of being a guild leader. Even Kara couldn’t join.” Zar’roc shrugged.
“What!?” Digi cried out in shock. “But...punching! She’s great at punching!”
“Yes Digi, but there is a lot for her to do besides punching.” Maran said, kneeling down to look him in the eye. “Being a guild leader is tough. We’ll do this to make it easier for the other guilds, alright?”
“Oh alright…” Digi said, lightly kicking at the ground. “So, do I really have to…?”
“I know it’s not what you’d like to do, but Bian is the strategist, and this way will help everyone.” Maran said softly and patted him on the head. “I’ll make something special when we all get back, alright?”
Digi puffed his cheeks and frowned, but nodded slowly. “Oh fine…”
“Thank you Digi.” Maran said with a small sigh of relief.
“Yeah, we’ll need you. It’s an important role.” Zar’roc said. “Your Stealth Rock will be invaluable against such a big group.”
“I know, I know! I got some people digging with me though. Might bump into them or something.” Digi muttered.
“Well, please just work with them until this is over.” Maran asked.
“I’m not gonna kiss them!” Digi said and stuck his tongue out.
“I dunno, there was that cute Zorua girl...I wouldn’t mind bumping into her underground~” Fay mused with a grin. “Face first...who knows, maybe ‘accidentally’ locking of lips for a moment...”
“She looks quite young.” Zar’roc said with a small frown.
“Yeah, right about my age. Then again, there are plenty of fine looking people in this group!” Fay said. “Might have to make a list of who I wanna ask out~”
“Keep it in your pants Fay.” Maran sighed.
“Hey, maybe we can finally hook you up Maran!” Fay suggested.
“This conversation is over Fay.” Maran said firmly. “Zar’roc, if you would?”
“Ah, of course.” Zar’roc said, and cleared his throat. “Attention to all who have gathered here today! The time has finally come for us to march to the forest where the Bandits are hiding! Fay has told me that they have a sizeable force, possibly twice as large as our own. However they won’t expect us to be as organized as we are. We will first try talking to them...but since they are Bandits, we won’t expect too much. However, we shall leave the peaceful solution open should they choose to surrender. They may arrive to the conclusions that the carts we ask for are not worth the conflict. If this does not happen...well, we shall simply obliterate them with our superior combat prowers. Bian has each assigned you a role, and you have had plenty of time to mingle with one another. Any who are not currently present will not be coming with us. As for the last important detail, the Bandit Leader is a Marrowak named Jeremy. I have assigned Team Rainbow Punches to deal with him should things get bad. They should be able to contain him. He will still be able to call off his forces while being unable to harm us this way.” Zar’roc paused, waiting for objections. The crowd was attentive and listening to his every word. “Thank you. We march now. Follow me!” Zar’roc couldn’t help but grin as he charged off with the mass of pokemon behind him. Some of the slower members started to lag behind, but were quickly helped along by others. There was already teamwork in the ranks...magnificent!

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Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014


I think I've gotten all the teams I'm going to get, so finally time to tackle this behemoth of a project.

Team Arlion (Explorers) -
Sacred Search (Researchers) -
Gaia's Flight (Hunters) -
Rainbow Punches (Explorers) -
Team Frostfire (Explorers) -
Trickyfoxy (Hunters) -
Electric Pop (Explorers) -
Midnight Travelers (Hunters) -
Team Bitter-Cold (Hunters) -
Silver Guardians (Explorers) -
Karma's Fortune (Hunters) -
Ingenuity (Researchers) -
Henko (Explorers) -
Team Star (Explorers) -
Blackleaf (Researchers) -
Dark Ice (Hunters) -
Team Dragonsong (Explorers) -
No-Regrets (Explorers) -
Void of Emotions (Hunters) -
Team Toil and Trouble (Explorers) -
Hunter of the Dusk (Hunters) -

Team Steel Hearts (Explorers) -
Team Reashit (Explorers) -
Lost Seekers (Hunters) -
Team Victorious (Hunters) -
Team ActRaiser (Explorers) -
Team Peirce (Hunters) -
Team Exodeus
(Researchers) -
Team Seekers (Hunters) -
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Good luck for errand #9.