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Zar’roc stared at the scene before him in absolute amazement, alongside the rest of the household, consisting of Maran, Bian, Kaza, Pharion, and Fay. “We were gone…for FIVE MINUTES.”

Infront of them was a Sandshrew, Digi, who really didn’t seem to understand why any of them were bothered. “What? I finished planting them.”

Maran sighed and kneeled down next to Digi and placed a wing on his back. “Sweetie...their upside down.”

“So?” Digi asked. “Their still planted. You can plant seeds upside down and they still grow the right way.”

“Seeds are different than grown plants.” Bian said. “The leafier parts need to be above ground to soak in sunlight and carbon dioxide and the roots need to be underground to gather the proper nutrients and water.” Bian explained.

“Well if she wanted the roots in the ground, she shoulda been more specific!” Digi said, crossing his arms and pouting. “I refuse to take any blame for this.”

“...You are some kind of special, aren’t you?” Fay asked with a sigh. “Bian, what's the statues of the saplings?”

“They have undoubtedly taken some damage, but there is a high chance that they are salvageable.” Bian reported. “We shall have to unbury them with some care if we want to avoid further damaging them. I recommend Pharion and Zar’roc starts digging the holes, and when he starts reaching the branches, Digi and Kaza will start digging around the leafs and branches, with Fay and Maran lifting them out of the ground. I shall report to Gavina of our...incident.”

“Probably for the best.” Maran said. “You wouldn’t really be able to do much after making that plan.”

“Indeed. Good luck, as people say.” Bian said and floated back to the Explorer’s Guild hall.

“...Man, that guy is weird.” Digi said.

“Yeah, like a robot.” Pharion said.

“...The fuck is a robot?” Digi asked.

“They mean the non-organic pokemon, like Pawniards and Porygons. You know, the one you rammed into a wall.” Maran said.

“That was an accident, and you still got your interview, it worked out great!” Digi shot back.

“Easy, easy.” Maran said. “I was just explaining what a robot was, I didn’t say you did anything bad.”

“Oh...well...yeah, okay.” Digi said, settling down. He turned and say Zar’roc and Pharion already at work digging up one of the incorrectly planted saplings. “Oh yeah, work. Thats a thing.”

“I’ve never dug with my hands before…” Kaza mumbled.

Digi grinned and trotted over to him and patted him on the back. “There’s nothing to it! You just put your hands in the ground and dig in with your fingers. Watch me, and you’ll do fine!”

Fay chuckled and patted them both on their heads. “Ahhh, your an adorable little couple.”

Digi and Kaza stared at him blankly...before Kaza started blushing. “W-we’re not!”

“Yeah you pedo, we’re friends.” Digi said coldly.

Fay’s eyes widened as he stared at Digi. He didn’t expect anything like THAT to come from his mouth. “Uhhh….well, I don’t know who you’d been hanging with, but I am honestly impressed. Don’t flatter yourself though, there are a lot better butts than yours.”

“Aha, you were looking!” Digi said and pointed an accusing finger at him.

“Everyone’s seen it.” Fay said simply. “You know, when you’re rolling on the ground in pain because you keep eating too much.”

“We do not mention those time…” Digi growled lowly.

“But it happens all the time…” Kaza said, somewhat confused.

“Who’s side are you on!?” Digi said, shocked at Kaza’s input.

“I-I’m not on anyone’s side, I’m just saying…” Kaza said, backing off a bit.

“Alright, alright...I think you two need to get to digging.” Maran said stepping in. “Pharion and Zar’roc started their next hole.”

“Oh, yeah. That.” Digi said, instantly forgetting what they were talking about. “Yeah, let’s get to digging!”
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

And here we have Team Frostfire, Team Arlion, Sacred Search, and Gaia's Flight all working together for this errand. Digi miiiight have done more bad than good though.

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