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Zar'roc strolled through the town with Kaza perched on his back, his nose currently stuck in "How the Trubish stole Christmas". Still, Kaza was unaware that Zar'roc was heading out of Andalusst and into the more forested areas at the edge of Andalusst. Zar'roc had heard that their ally had taken residence in the trees out of the town. It did not take too long to locate the Pawniard. He may have been rather small, but he did stick out due to his coloration. He was rather interested to see them as well. He hopped down to them. "What are you doing here?"

"Actually, we're here for you." Zar'roc said, and then reached back to tap on Kaza's leg. "Kaza, we're here."

Kaza instantly sat up and closed his book. "Ah! Where are! Your okay!" Kaza said happily upon seeing Fifty. They hadn't met, but they had battled against the giant, so he was at least partially familiar with him. "Ahhh...oh. Thats right, we didn't actually meet."

"You were the one who teleported the robot and left, yes?" Fifty asked. "I saw you beforehand."

"Well actually he passed out." Zar'roc said. "That last one was a bit of a strain on him. However, we're here to ask you about your interests."

"My interests?" Fifty asked. This was certainly new. Was it a personal interest or was there another motive?

"Yes. Alexander of the Researcher's guild asked us to find out about the more...robotic pokemon about their interests and hobbies."

"Oh, I see." Fifty said. folded his arms and pondered the question. "I like to see things I haven't seen before and learn things I didn't know."

"Ahhh, an explorer's curiosity!" Zar'roc said with a grin. "Good. Now-"

"E-excuse me..." Kaza said. " are alright, yes?"

"Alright?" Fifty asked. It was a rather open ended question. "...I could be better. I am faulty."

Kaza looked at the dent in his helmet and nodded. "Well...nobody's perfect. I mean...I'm really weak."

Fifty stared at him. He didn't quite know what to make of that. "We are faulty. We malfunction and are unwanted."

"The guild wants you though." Kaza said. "They are a lot of people."

"...They are." Fifty said. "We will show them what we are worth soon."

"Well, thank you for your time." Zar'roc said. "We'll be back to visit though, this was very interesting."

"Take care!" Kaza said hurriedly as Zar'roc started trotting off. "Don't get hurt!"

"Robots don't get hurt." Fifty said. "...The sentiment is appreciated."
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Ahhh, looks like Team Arlion is once again meeting with Fifty, and notice he's fully repaired the damage he took from the fight with the great statue. He's got some interesting answers for their questions. Note, I did not actually get to do the interview of :iconsepia-zorua:'s characters like I would have liked, but I'll change the content when I do get it.

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