Errand 6 - Sacred Search and Team Frostfire

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Seeing as how it didn't count, much to Fay's surprise, Bian had seen this one coming. "They don't quite count me as an robotic pokemon, and thus I am as real as any other Shedinja."

"Bull." Fay muttered as they walked back to their house. "Whatever, leaders are, who else do we have?"

"There is always the most popular robot." Bian suggested.

"Who is that?" Fay asked.

"Atlas." Bian said.

"Who is Atlas?" Fay asked, not a bit curious.

"The great statue." Bian said.

"It's got a name?" Fay asked.

"The guilds held a vote. Following the polls, it seems the name Atlas has a 100% chance at victory by this point." Bian said.

"100% eh? Your not often that sure." Fay mused.

"I am certain it shall will, even if I did not vote for it myself." Bian said.

"So, we're gonna meet with him then?" Fay asked.

"We shall, but first there is someone I promised I would meet with." Bian said and lead Fay up to the roof when Pharion was napping. "Pharion, I am back."

This wasn't enough to rouse the fire dog though, as he remained contentedly sleeping. "You have to be a liiiittle more creative when waking someone up." Fay said. "Observe." The smeargle trotted over to him and started patting on his ear. Pharion grumbled and rolled over to cover that ear up, but then Fay started patting his other ear,

"Granph....nooo, stoit..." Pharion mumbled, vaguely annoyed by the uncomfortable patting. However Fay simply grabbed his ear and pulled a bit. Pharion's eyes shot open and he rolled away. "Hey!That kinda hurts!"

"Yeah, I know...but Bian's here, and he's a lot more patient than I am." Fay said simply.

"Huh?" Pharion turned around and spotted Bian and grinned. "Bian! Your back!"

"I am." Bian said. "Sorry to disrupt your sleep."

"It's fine, I'm up now. So, whats up?" Pharion asked.

"We're going to interview Atlas." Fay said.

"Wait, who's Atlas?" Pharion asked.

"The Great Statue." Bian answered.

"He's got a name?" Pharion asked, surprised by this revelation.

"Yeah, turns out there was a vote." Fay said and climbed onto Pharion's back. "Giddyup, to the Researcher's guild. He's probably there!"

"Oh. Uhh...sure, let's go!" Pharion said and started trotting back into the house and down the stairs, Fay grabbing Bian with his tail. Bian wasn't the fastest individual after all. It didn't take too long for them to spot the hulking giant that was the Great Statue. "Hi Atlas!" Pharion barked.

"My name is currently still up for debate." He said.

"My current observation is that Atlas has 100% chance to succeed." Bian said. "For all intensive purposes."

"...Very well, you may call me Atlas." He said. "Do you have purpose for your visit?"

"We were interested in your hobbies." Fay said.

"I do not have hobbies. My prime directive is to serve the public." Atlas explained.

" enjoy doing that, right?" Pharion asked.

Atlas pondered this question. "...I am content with this job, yes."

"Then that works, you like helping people." Fay said with a grin.

"You are a great person." Pharion said, his tail starting to wag.
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Well the admins list isn't as open ended as I though, so here ya go, a rushed story.

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