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The group assembled outside the explorer's guild, three different teams that lived together. Team Arlion, consisting of Zar'roc (an Absol) and Kaza (an Abra). The second team was Sacred Search, consisting of Bian (a Shedinja) and Fay (a Smeargle). The third team was Gaia's Flight, consisting of Digi (a Sandshrew) and Maran (an Xatu). While belonging to different guilds, they had all taken Cassidy's request. Some had different thoughts about it though.

"Doesn't it seem like he's just being lazy?" Digi asked. "I mean, he seems like he wants nothing to do with work."

"He did say it took more than one person to do it, or else he'd just have Luke get the glass." Fay mused.

"Be that as it may, he cares enough about this to pay for labor instead of commanding those under him to do it." Maran stated.

"Hey, do ya wanna go get Luke?" Digi asked. "He seems like a pushover, and we could use another pair of hands, since Fay's the only older one with hands." Digi pointed out.

Bian bobbed up and down a bit to imitate a nod. "Indeed. He can take one end, Fay can take the other, and Kaza can support the middle."

"Hey, what about me!?" Digi demanded.

"We know better than to trust you with glass." Zar'roc said with a calm tone. This was an easy answer for anyone that actually knew how Digi was. Digi folded his arms and pouted.

"W-well, there's a more important job for you!" Kaza said quickly. Everyone turned to look at Kaza, interested in what he had to say. Kaza paused uncomfortably before forcing the next words out. "A-ahhh....well....Digi needs to...get the sand." Kaza explained. "He said ground types...and all..."

"Ah yes, he did recommend that ground types handle getting sand from the riverbed." Zar'roc said, recalling Cassidy's words. "And Digi is the only ground type in our little group. So how about it, you up to it?"

"I'm on it like a hawk!" Digi said and ran off before anyone could get a word in edgewise.

"Well...I suppose thats one thing taken care of." Maran said. "Good work Kaza."

"I-I didn't really want him to be mad..." Kaza mumbled and started twiddling his fingers.

"Regardless, it went well. So, while you are handling the glass, we'll made sure the citizens don't bump into you." Zar'roc suggested.

"That would be more efficient." Bian said. "I can plan a route for you. Are you requesting the shortest route or the least populated?"

"The least populated would be ideal. It may take longer, but we don't want to inconvenience other people." Zar'roc instructed.

"Acknowledged. Planning route." Bian said and then went quiet for a bit. "Route planned. Let us recruit Luke."

"Right, to the explorer's guild then! Where do you think he might be?" Maran asked.

"You leave finding him to me." Fay said. "You folks stay there." With that, he darted back into the explorer's guild hall. Fay preferred to work alone for the most part, and it was easy to slink around out of sight and eavesdrop on other guild member's conversation. Eventually he pieced together enough information to locate Luke. The guild leader in question had taken a small nap in his room. Fay made his way to his room and opened the door, slipping inside and closing the door behind him and strolling over to the sleeping Marshtomp. "Wakey wakey mister leader, we require a little assistance~" Fay said. When that failed to rouse the sleeping mon, Fay started to shake him a bit. It was fortunate that this was only a light nap, or else he might have failed to wake him up at all. However after a minute of gentle shaking, Luke opened his eyes and sleepily looked around.

"W-whoozat? W-what?" Luke asked as he tried to fight off his drowsiness.

"Oh, just someone who came to you with a small plea for help." Fay said with a small grin.

Luke shook his head to help wake himself up and yawned. "A-ah alrighty then. I...I'll..." Luke yawned again and rubbed his eyes. "Ahh, gimmie a minute, I'll be right with ya." Luke stood up and puts his hat on, and slips his gloves on. After a bit of stretching he finally fully woke up. "Alright, I'm up.  So, what did you need?"

"Well, we needed someone to help us carry glass. It's for Cassidy." Fay explained. "Care to help us out?"

"Of course!" Luke said. "I'll always be happy to help out a fellow pokemon!"

"Great! The others are outside." Fay said and walked out of the room, Luke following close behind. After a bit of a walk, they exited the explorer's guild hall. "I got him!" Fay said.

"Ah, good. Now to get the glass." Zar'roc said.

"Ah, I know where it is." Luke said. "It's that way!" Luke marched off and lead the group.

"We do know where to get the glass. We do appreciate the enthusiasm." Bian said, trailing behind the group.

Maran stopped walking and gave a small bow to the group. "Pardon me...but I think I'll be taking me leave for the moment."

"Oh? Something come up?" Zar'roc asked.

"Call it paranoia, but I'd like to keep my eye on Digi. I mean, I'm sure he's fine, but Digi alone near a understand." Maran said.

"Very well, go be with him. He may need some help with that sand." Zar'roc said.

Maran gave a small bow and vanished. Fay chuckled and turned to Kaza. "And THAT is how a Teleport is supposed to go." He said. Kaza frowned a bit and looked away.

Meanwhile at the riverbed, Digi contemplated how to get the sand out from under the water. "Maybe if I just dig a, water'd flood it." Digi mused.

"Care for a helping hand?" Maran asked.

"Oh hey Maran, what are you doing here?" Digi asked, surprised that she was suddenly there.

"I thought you might be having a bit of trouble all on your own." Maran said and patted him on the head.

"Well, I guess. I mean, there's just so much water!" Digi grumbled and pointed accusingly at the river.

"It's a river sweetie, that's sort of the point." Maran chuckled, and raised a wing. Suddenly a barrier seemed to push the water away in a certain spot, exposing the wet sand of the riverbed. "Well, get to it."

"You got it!" Digi said and hopped down, and began flinging balls of wet sand onto the grass. This continued for a good five minutes until he climbed out and looked at the mound of sopping wet sand. "You think this is enough?"

"Most likely." Maran said as she circled the pile. " do we transport it?"

"I dunno, your the psychic type, you tell me." Digi said.

Maran frowned at Digi but then perked up as she figured it out. "Ah, very simple. I should have thought of it sooner..." Maran lifted the mound with Psychic, and then Teleported to Cassidy's room, still holding the mound. "Your sand, sir?"

"Uhhhh..." Cassidy didn't really know what to do with the large dripping ball of sand. He didn't quite have a place for it yet.

"Heya Miss!" Luke said, walking in with a pane of glass. Behind him was Kaza supporting the middle, and at the other end was Fay.

"Ah, Luke. You wouldn't happen to know what I should do with this sand would you?" Maran asked.

"Well, at the moment I can't really say..." Luke said. "Why don't you just put it down and pick it up later after we've gotten all the glass here."

"Why not the tub?" Fay asked. "It'll hold the sand as long as you cover up the drain first."

"Yeah, thats a good idea." Maran said. "Cassidy, where's the bathroom?"

"Ahhh...this way ma'am." Cassidy said, still a bit unsettled by her sudden appearance. He lead her to the bathroom, and after covering up the drain, unceremoniously dumped the sand into the tub.

"There. Now, back to the glass." Maran said and left the bathroom to rejoin the others. "How was the first trip boys?"

"A little hectic actually." Fay said. "A few clumsy mons almost bumped into us. Good thing we had Zar'roc and Bian to...usher them away."

"Where's Digi?" Kaza asked.

"Ah, I left him back there after got the sand, he'll be on his way for sure. You boys keep up the good work, I'll get him a little present." Maran said.

"Hold on a moment!" Cassidy said, and pushed a coin into her wings. "Your team got the sand, so your job's done. The others'll get their coins when I get the other panes of glass."

"Oh. Well...thank you." Maran said, a little surprised at his forcefulness. "I'll be on my way then."

As she left the room, Luke, Fay, and Kaza slowly placed the glass alongside a wall. "Alright, you fellas up for four more pieces?"

"Of course." Fay said.

"I-I don't really see a reason not to be...unless maybe I get tired." Kaza said.

"Alrighty then, back to it!" Luke said and marched off, letting the other two tail behind him. It took about half an hour, but finally all the remaining panes of glass had been delivered with only a few incidents. None of the incidents ended up with broken glass through sheer luck, but there were some close calls.

"Alrighty folks, here's your coins." Cassidy said and placed a coin in Kaza and Fay's palms.

"Not bad." Fay said as he examined the star coin.

"Yes, a good job." Zar'roc said and turned his attention to Luke. "Might I propose my own reward for helping us with this task?"

"Ah? Whatcha got in mind?" Luke asked curiously.

"Well, how about lunch at our house? It's the least we can offer.

"Well, I'd be happy ta take ya up on that!" Luke said and tipped his hat. "What're we having?"

"A stir-fry." Kaza said. " don't mind, right?"

"Course not, I'm looking forward to it!" Luke said and patted Kaza on the head. Kaza winced a bit, not used to others touching him, but it wasn't a bad touch, and he knew Luke ment well.

"Right then, let's be off." Zar'roc said and knelled down. Kaza climbed onto his back, and the group departed, leaving Cassidy alone.

" I gotta put the tank together." He mumbled and looked at the glass. "Might need some more help..."
Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014

And here we have the efforts of our three teams again, this time giving Cassidy a hand. They need a third set of hands though, and decide to recruit Luke.

Teams used -
Zar'roc and Kaza belong to
Fay and Bian belong to
Digi and Maran belong to
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It's me again~ Seems you've forgotten to add the errand information to your description. Thankfully (hopefully), after this errand we'll be doing a thing to keep better track of errands and whatnot, so the info won't be required anymore. Just do it this one last time, and we'll see how things go~