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“I-I don’t know about this…I mean, we’re not professionals like they were.” Kaza stammered as they stood backstage.

“Well, they can’t have been that professional if they ran away like that.” Maran retorted. “Running away because someone said Macbeth.”

“I see you’re not scared of much.” Fay chuckled, grinning as he heard the name of the ‘cursed play’.

“I am only frightened if there is cause to be.” Maran explained calmly. “Such as if there is a large rock falling towards me, or perhaps if the great statue went on another rampage.”

“Enough.” Zar’roc cut in. “Your scaring Kaza.”

“Ah, pardon me.” Maran said and gave Kaza a small bow. “Sorry, I suppose I just think the whole thing was a little silly…I won’t think less of you for believing it since you’re young.”

“I will.” Digi giggled and stuck his tongue out at Kaza. Maran bopped him on the back of his head with her wing.

“Be nice.” Maran said with a somewhat vex tone. Digi clutched the back of his head and gave a small nod. “Now, we’ve all rehearsed and know what we’ll do…Digi, Kaza, you two will go first and warm him up with something he’s never seen before.”

“I still don’t see why I’m doing out there.” Digi grumbled.

“There are a multitude of reasons.” Bian said. “Firstly, you two trained together, and you have more enthusiasm than he does. Provided proper motivation, you can put on an excellent show.” Digi gave an annoyed harrumph, wondering if the ' luxurious buffet' was really worth it. Still...maybe they had cheese. Lots of cheese. “Second, Kaza will perform better if he is not alone. He is a very....courage deficient child, leading into the third reason. Should Kaza loose his nerve, you can most likely carry on the show by yourself.”

“Ohhhhhh...I get it, you want me with him cause I'm not a coward!” Digi exclaimed. Kaza's ears folded against his head, and he buried his face into Zar'roc mane. Digi quickly reached up to cover his head, but all he earned was a silent glare from Maran, which was pretty much just as bad.

“Timing is a lot more important than you'd think.” Fay said. Watching them all play off each other like that was interesting in its own right, but they needed to be ready, since there was no telling when they would be called to start the show, and they couldn't do that if an actor was on the very of tears. Admittedly, Kaza didn't look like he was going to cry....just a bit hurt and mopey. Still that wasn't a good thing either.

“I know, I know!” Digi grumbled as he took his paws off his head. “I mean, you were all thinking it!”

“Thinking and saying are veeeery different things.” Maran said with a disapproving look.

Digi threw his paws into the air in exasperation. “Alright, alright! I'm sorry!”

“Thats better.” Maran said, and turned to Kaza. “Do you accept his apology?”

Kaza slowly raised his face out of Zar'roc's mane. “H-he really didn't have'am.”

Maran sighed and reached over to pat him on the head with her wing. “You're a very sweet child.” Digi turned away and pouted a bit.

“Now, are we all ready for this little performance?” Fay asked, his tail swaying back and forth. He remained relaxed but serious. The rest nodded, Kaza slower than the others, but he did nod. Fay nodded as well as a grin spread across his face. “Good. We're each getting paid in a star coin and food as well. Now, let's be sure we've earned it.”

“Of course.” Zar'roc said. “Now, I certainly hope you're good in a show-fight as you were during our spar.”

“That WAS my show-fighting.” Fay chuckled. “If we were sparring for real, I don't think you would stand a chance.”

“Oh, you weren't serious either?” Zar'roc mused. “Well then, maybe next time I'll actually try.”

“Heh, you may try old man!” Fay said eagerly.

“Hey now, I still have three years before I'm forty!” Zar'roc said in playful protest. “You should know how...capable I am.”

“Indeed, not bad for an Absol.” Fay chuckled and gave him a wink.

“And what's that supposed to mean?” Zar'roc asked with a small smirk.

“Silence yourselves, there are children present!” Maran said, her feathers slightly ruffled.

“Yes yes, of course.” Zar'roc nodded. “No more of that talk.”

“Not in public, at least.” Fay grinned and stroked along Zar'roc's hind leg with his tail.

“Watch that, or I'll get you after the show.” Zar'roc said with a small growl.

“Bring it, old man.” Fay cooed.

“AHEM.” Maran said, loudly clearing her throat to remind them. The two stopped talking, but Fay kept his grin “For goodness sake...”

A Charmender ran over to the group and looked slightly panicked. “Y-you guys are almost up! Who's you're first set?”

“That would be me and Kaza!” Digi declared, and placed a paw onto his chest.

“Great, well get going then!” The Charmander said, urging them to get to the stage. “Our current....performers are bombing it pretty badly, so please hurry!”

Digi didn't need any further invitation, he ran off and Kaza hopped off Zar'roc's back, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and ran after Digi.

“Look at 'em go...” Zar'roc said with a small sigh. “I hope they do well, for their sake.”

“You mean Kaza's.” Maran corrected. “Failing to put on a good show wouldn't really bother Digi much.”

“Well, you know him better than I do.” Zar'roc said.

“Oh why don't you two just kiss already?” Fay asked.

“I'll need to know where that mouth has been first.” Maran shot back at Fay. “Also, he's a no interest.”

“You wound me!” Zar'roc said with a dramatic flair, placing a paw to his chest and felling onto his side.

“Oh be quiet...I want to hear how this goes.” Maran said.

Digi charged onto the stage and accidently bowled over the Espurr that was failing to captivate his audience with his juggling skills. The two tumbled off the stage and into the audience. That roused the sleepy audience in an instant.

The Sceptile in the front row seemed particularly surprised by this development, and a delighted grin spread across his face. “Ahh, it makes sense now! Boredom, making the surprise more exciting!”

Digi got upright and made his way back to the stage, leaving the Espurr behind without much thought, but getting back to the stage, he couldn’t quite reach the edge to climb back onto it. “Uhhh…Kaza? Little help?” The quiet Abra peeked from behind the curtains and slowly walked onto the stage, surprised to see the crowd smiling and chuckling a bit. Maybe they were in a really good mood….so maybe they might forgive him if he blundered the show. “Hey, over here! I fell off the stage!” Digi called out. Kaza’s eyes widened as he heard that bit. He hurriedly ran to the edge of the stage and reached down for him. Digi grabbed his hand and with some effort, Kaza managed to hoist him onto the stage. “Phew…alright, onto the real show!” Digi said with a grin, and looked back at the audience, which seemed to be getting a real kick out of the pre-show comedy, the Sceptile especially.

“Oh, right.” Kaza said, and hurriedly gave the audience a bow, quietly praying that he remembered. “L-ladi-”

“Hey everybody!” Digi yelled, cutting Kaza off. “How many of you watching this right now wanna see something cool?” The audience looked back and forth between each other and a few called out that they did. “Come on, I can’t hear ya!” More called out this time, louder than before, and there was a feeling of growing excitement in the air. “One more time!” Digi yelled.

The entire audience was now yelling back that they did, and the excitable Sceptile was standing up. “Show me, show me!” He yelled with the crowd.

Digi quickly turned around and pointed to Kaza. “Give it to ‘em Kaza!”

Kaza stared back in disbelief, but he had to admit, Digi’s riling up the crowd had actually made him a little eager to do this as well and all the eyes that were suddenly on his didn’t bother him so much. They wanted to see this amazing thing. “R-right!” Kaza said, and raised a hand into the air. “Here we go!” In an instant, there were five Abra’s on the stage, all perfectly identical. All five put their hands together and started making balls of pure white light that were roughly the side of a tennis ball, and then they made two more. The audience stared perplexed by what was going on, but fascinated as well. Then, the Abras started chucking the balls of light back and forth, revealing that these balls of light were, at least for the moment, solid objects. The Abras tossed the balls back and forth, but whenever the Abra in the middle caught a ball, it quickly wrapped it in a small Protect bubble before tossing it back, changing its color, and soon enough, all the balls of light were no longer white. The one in the middle started to pant a bit, realizing that he’d have to wrap this up quickly. The Abras on stage then tossed the balls into the audience, letting the crowd catch whichever balls they could, and stare at them in wonder, before four of the Abras vanished, and the one remaining slumped to his knees. The Sceptile jumped up to catch one of the mysterious balls of light, squeezing and poking it. The thin Protect cover around it was flexible enough to let him squeeze it, and the light grew brighter when he did. He tossed up up and caught it again, delighted with his new toy.

“Alrighty folks, that's it for our little show, sad to say that the balls won't last very long, so enjoy them while you can, and a big round or applause for our little magician!” Digi said. The crowd gave Kaza a loud applause, and Kaza blushes a bit, looking away and smiling to himself. Digi walked over to the slumped Abra and helped him to his feet, the two walking off the stage.

“Thank you.” Kaza said, and lightly nuzzled against the Sandshrew.

“What? What'd I do?” Digi asked, a little surprised by the sudden affection.

“Well...nevermind.” Kaza said, unable to think of the right words.

Digi didn't really have much time to respond before they were greeted by the rest of their group. “I take it things went exceedingly well from the applause.” Bian stated.

“Of course!” Digi said, and placed a paw to his chest. “I never fail! Oh. And Kaza did good also.”

"Well of course, he was the one putting on the show." Fay said with a grin. "Still, a little pre show amusement helped also."

"Oh, you were watching?" Digi asked curiously.

"I was listening. I must say that the act before you left the stage rather abruptly...and I can guess how." Fay chuckled. Digi stuck his tongue out at the Smeargle.

"Regardless, while their still riled up, let's move onto our part." Zar'roc suggested. "Fay?"

"Very well then, I'm ready as well. Kaza, could you begin work on our 'prop'?" Fay asked. Kaza nodded slowly. "Good, I'll expect it around the middle of the show."

"Prop?" Maran asked.

"Don't worry about it, just listen for the applause." Zar'roc said. "After us, you and Bian are next to help the audience unwind."

"I know, I remember." Maran replied rather curtly. "Get your butts on stage already." The two required little more prompting and hastily made their way onto the stage.

The audience was still a bit wound up from Kaza and Digi's little performance, and eager murmurs spread through the crowd as an Absol and Smeargle stepped on stage. The Sceptile stopped playing with the small ball he'd gotten earlier and looked onstage, excited to see what they'd have in store for him this time.

"We do hope we haven't kept you waiting." Zar'roc began with a rather proud tone. "However, it's time for something a little more lively! I recommend you stay in your seats, dear viewers, because what you’re about to witness is very real fighting." The audience gasped in surprise. It went from a child showing off his tricks to combat? Things had escalated quite quickly, but the Sceptile was beaming. He loved watching people fight! Zar'roc didn't leave much time for the news to settle in before turning to Fay and using Quick Attack. Fay had only a moment to ready his Iron Tail to block the attack, but that had been all he needed. He whipped his tail in front of himself and blocked Zar'roc's claws. The two jumped away from each other, their eyes fixed on the other, and taking their stances. They'd rehearsed this to a degree, but both had agreed that holding back wouldn't make the show quite as exciting. The audience could hardly believe what they were seeing.

"Sneaky move, old man!" Fay called out to him, and charged forward, swinging his tail at Zar'roc's legs. Zar'roc leaped forward and attempted to head-butt Fay right in the face.

"Oh, I didn't know we were going to have banter during this fight." Zar'roc replied, rather amused. Fay ducked out of the way, and Zar'roc landed, and quickly spun around to face his opponent.

"Well, I find it enjoyable, and we've had it any other times we've fought!" Fay chuckled as he leapt into the air, and swung his tail at the Absol.

"I suppose it's nice." Zar'roc said, and blocked the tail swing by charging his sickle with a Night Slash and striking against it. "Would be nicer if you were a woman though."

Fay was sent back  by the force of Zar'roc's counter attack, and although his tail was metal, that rather hurt. "Careful now, you may cut my tail off with an attack like that!"

"Then you should be a little more careful when handling me!" Zar'roc called back, and followed up with a Razor Wind.

Fay dodged out of the way of the wind blade, letting it tear through the curtains behind him. "I suppose I'll have to, old man." He retorted and started charging a Solar Beam in his palms.

"Do stop calling me that!" Zar'roc growled and lept forward with another Quick attack.

Fay was ready for the attack, and quickly ducked, and slammed his tail into Zar'roc's exposed chest as he flew overhead. "Gotcha!"

Zar'roc grunted in pain and landed. Nothing was broken, but that still hurt plenty. "And you called me sneaky."

Fay chuckled and shrugged. "Well, what can I say? It's my nature."

Zar'roc used another Quick Attack, and Fay swung his tail out to block the attack, only Zar'roc stopped in front of Fay and grabbed the tail. He yanked the surprised Smeargle's tail forward and rammed his head into Fay's chest before letting go.

Fay stumbled backwards and clutched his chest in pain. If nothing else, Zar'roc was strong...he might have to call it off after that attack. "Urk...A-alright..." Fay wheezed. "Y-you win this one..."

Zar'roc smirked and turned back to the audience. "Thank you for watching and to all a good day." He finished with a bow, and walked over to Fay. Fay climbed onto Zar'roc's back, and the Absol took his friend off stage, but not before the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, the Sceptile especially cheered. They were truly going at each other on the stage. It may not have been martial arts, but these two had clearly been trained fighters! The Smeargle had even faked the Absol out with a Solar Beam, ending the charge early just to get him with his tail! He didn't know if he could handle this much excitement.

As Zar'roc walked offstage with Fay on his back, they were greeted with a rather dejected looking Kaza holding a sword. "You...didn't give the signal." Kaza said.

Fay's eyes widened as he remembered the request. "Ah! I forgot about it..." He mumbled.

"I suppose I did end our fight a bit early." Zar'roc said, and bowed to Kaza. "We're sorry."

"I-it's okay, looks like they liked it just fine without this." Kaza hurriedly said, and the blade vanished.

"Indeed." Maran said and patted Fay's cheek. "The both of you did quite well."

"Yeah! I mean wow! Fighting with no holds barred!" Digi cheered. "I thought you two were gonna kill each other or something!"

"Naw, we're be more savage if we were going after each other’s life." Zar'roc said, and patted Digi on the head. "Wouldn't be good for the audience."

"Speaking of which...I suppose it's my turn now." Maran said.

"Indeed. Our turn has arrived." Bian said.

“Good luck!” Digi yelled as Maran and Bian went onto the stage

As the pair made their way to the middle of the stage, they noticed the audience seemed almost winded from all the previous excitement. The Sceptile had a hand to his chest and was panting a bit, unsure how this act could possibly follow up the previous one. He needed a bit of a breather though.

“Play.” Maran said.

“Affirmative.” Bian replied, and with a small, but audible click, a melody started to play. The crowd fell silent as they listened to the melody floating from the Shedinja. Then Maran began to song alongside it.

No member of the crowd could understand a single word of it, but it had a strange...soothing quality to it. The purity of her voice could be compared to that of a mother cradling her infant child, her bossum filled with a soft and tender love that could be felt by all who were in the room, and Bian's strange ability to generate music that seemed to go perfectly along with the song was uncanny. Even the Sceptile was in a stunned silence, captivated by her singing. Was it love? Was he in love with this woman? What were the customs to marry in this country? Wait no, he couldn't take her back without arrangements. It was settled, he'd discuss the bird's transfer when he returned home. Maran finished her song, gave the crowd a small bow, and walked off the stage, leaving them all in a calm silence. Even the rest of the group was speachless.

"What?" Maran asked playfully. "You guys aren't usually this quiet."

"I...ahhh....never heard you sing before." Zar'roc muttered softly.

"What was that?" Maran asked, leaning down a bit.

"He said he's in love." Digi claimed with a smirk.

"Thats incorrect." Bian stated. "He claimed to have never heard you sing before. Might I add, you were as impressive as always."

"Thank you Bian." Maran said warmly. "Our parts are done now, so who's up for finding our client and accepting payment for our services?"

"I'm up for that." Fay said. Without any objection, the six made their way out of the backstage to find Rowanhardt.
Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014

Here's my placeholder for errand 4, and it's a big one.

Here's the song I was listening to when Maran was singing to the crowd.…

Teams used -
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