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Kaza and Zar’roc stood in the Researcher’s guild, before them were three potions and Chelle, floating a few feet away with a small notepad. Kaza seemed nervous about the whole prospect about trying these random potions to see what happens. Even Zar’roc seemed a little uneasy, but had convinced Kaza to try it, to earn a few points with the researchers, and a star coin. “Now, I want you each to try one potion at a time, and tell me anything that changes.” Chelle instructed. “I mean, beyond any visible effects, I can see perfectly fine.”

“Right…” Zar’roc said. He drank from the first potion vial and downed it in a few gulps. It had a rather tart taste to it, a small aftertaste of lemon…but he really didn’t feel any change at all. “Huh. Nothing.” Zar’roc remarked.

“Oh, quite the contrary!” Chelle said with approval in her tone. “Your color pallet had changed to resemble that of a shiny pokemon!” Zar’roc’s eyes widened and he looked down at his claws, shocked to find them red.

“So I am…” Zar’roc mused, not displeased by this change in the least. “Alright Kaza, now you.”

Kaza tensed up, but nodded slowly. “A-alright….here I go.” Kaza took a vial from the other table and downed it quickly, before coughing and hacking. “Blah! Gack!” It was a rather horrid thing indeed. Not only was it bitter, it was thick as well, and the aftertaste was even stronger than it was. Due to the sheer unpleasantness of the potion, he failed to notice the changed. His entire body was turning grey, hard, and smooth. He was also amazingly heavy. After a minute, Kaza finally settled down, and noticed the bemused looks of both Chelle and Zar’roc. “W-what?” Kaza asked, his ears lightly folding against his head.

“Ahhh….well…” Zar’roc mumbled, trying to find the right words. He reached forward with a claw and tapped Kaza’s shoulder, making a small ‘tink’. “You’re metal.”

“Interesting, it changed him into a Steel Type.” Chelle said, and recorded it on her notepad. “Also a very vile tasting potion, use with extreme digression.”

“Can you still teleport?” Zar'roc asked. Kaza nodded and clapped his hands together, and teleported a few inches to the left. Chelle fixed her notes and wrote down that it changed an Abra to a Psychic/Steel type. “These are certainly very interesting...effects, miss Chelle.” Zar'roc stated.

“Well, they are the products of the Researcher's guild; we wouldn't make something mundane and worthless. At least not on purpose.” Chelle said with a bit of pride. “However, these potions were made due to a labeling error, so they might not count. Regardless, try your next potion.”

Zar'roc nodded and held the next vial, and placing it to his lips, downed it in a few gulps. This one had a spicy tasty to it, it was mild but still a bit surprising. He rather enjoyed it and wagged his tail a bit, but then felt the change as bellow his take, things took a rather uncomfortable shift as his more masculine parts felt a little...compressed. Zar'roc grunted and kneeled down to the ground quickly, his tail tucked between his legs as the change continued.  Kaza looked rather worried and placed his hands on Zar'roc's sides and shook him a bit, unsure what he should do. “Daddy?” Kaza asked. “Whats wrong? Whats it doing?”

Zar'roc just shook his head. After a few uncomfortable minutes, Zar'roc eventually stood up and panted a bit. “G-gender swapping potion...” Zar'roc said.

Chelle's eyes widened as she heard his report, but nodded and wrote it down. “W-well then.  I suppose Kaza has a mother instead of a father then.”

“What? Really?” Kaza asked.

“Just trust me on this one.” Zar'roc said. “Just try your next potion.”

Kaza nodded uncertainly, but walked back over to his table and took the next potion into his hand and slowly sipped it. It was a very this and flavorless potion, and it really surprised Kaza. Did he just drink water, or was it because he was a Steel Type now? He'd finished it sooner than he thought he would and placed the empty vial back down. His tail started feeling a little uncomfortable, and he started flicking his tail as it seemed to cramp a bit. The cramping seemed to get get worse though, and when he reached back to try and massage it a bit, his hands clicked against something...different. His eyes widened as he saw gems growing on his tail. “Ah!” Kaza cried out in surprise. It wasn't a bad thing, but he was turning less and less Abra-like with every potion.

“Gems...growing on tail.” Chelle said as she stared.

Zar'roc couldn't help but stare a bit as well in concern and fascination. “I don't suppose you can feel it when I touch them?” Zar'roc asked as she tapped one of the jewels. Kaza shook his head.

“No nerves or feeling inside the gems.” Chelle said as she wrote it down. “Alright then Zar'roc, time to take your last potion.”

Zar'roc nodded and drank the last potion, puckering quite hard as he finished it. Gah, that was amazingly bitter!Still, there was no apperent change this time, and neither Kaza nor Chelle seemed to notice anything that she didn't.

“...Well?” Chelle asked expectantly.

Zar'roc shrugged and looked back and forth between her and Kaza, hoping that they would notice something soon. She wanted to know what had happened, because a change that nobody noticed was not a very pleasant thought. That was until things got slightly hazy, and Zar'roc recognized the all too familiar feeling. “Ahhhh....I know what happened.”

“Well? Tell me!” Chelle said, her anticipation showing.

“Intoxication.” Zar'roc said with a small chuckle. Chelle's eager face changed into one of disappointed disbelief.

“You cannot be serious.” Chelle said, quietly hoping that she was kidding. “The Researcher's guild does not make alcohol.”

“Well, like you said, it wasn't intentional!” Zar'roc said with a small chuckle as the haze grew thicker. “Heck, this'll probably save some livers~! Gah, this stttttuff works quick...”

Chelle's frown grew as she realized that he was indeed completely drunk, or in a drunk-like state. She grudgingly wrote it down and turned to Kaza as Zar'roc flopped down onto her side. “Alright then...take your last potion, and please...try not to disappoint me.”

“I-I'll try...” Kaza said, looking away from Zar'roc and taking the last potion and downing the contents. This was some strange taste that left his mouth feeling....dry somehow. A liquid that took the moisture out of his mouth and made him really want water. Still, after a few minutes of waiting, he didn't notice anything in particular.

Chelle on the other hand started writing down something. “Changes eye color to pink...alright then. You two are free to go.”

“What?” Kaza asked. “My eyes are pink?”

“That is correct.” Chelle confirmed, and a Star Coin floated over to Kaza and landed in his palm. “I'll fetch some researchers to start working on potions to counter the effects of the potion.”

“Oh, thank you.” Kaza said. While he kind of liked being metal, it made him a lot heavier and more noticeable.
Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Ahhhh, Kaza and Zar'roc's little potion testing session is quite something.

Potion 1 - Turns into a Psychic/Steel type
Potion 2 - Gems grow on his tail
Potion 3 - Changes his eye color to pink

Potion 1 - Turns into a shiny
Potion 2 - Becomes a female
Potion 3 - Induces a drunk-like behavior

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