Errand 12 - Arlion and Frostfire

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Zar’roc sighed a bit as a particularly grump Garchomp left with his package of Meatroot. “So Kaza, how many people have we served?”

“37 pokemon have received a package, of those 37 there have been 4 that have tried to get more than one package.” Kaza said. “22 packages of Meatroot, 15 packages of Fleshcaps have been distributed.”

“Wowie, you’ve really been keeping track of all that?” Pharion asked?

“Well...yeah.” Kaza said with a small smile. “I mean, I can’t talk to I’ll just count the pokemon and hand you two the packets.”

“Yeah yeah real touching, but we’re hungry here!” A Carnivine said tapping the stall infront of Pharion. “Gimmie my Fleshcaps.”

Pharion shot the rude Carnivine a glare, but Kaza handed him a packet for Pharion to take. Pharion took the packet and gave it to the Carnivine, resisting the urge to let out a small purr of flames. “Don’t be rude, especially around kids.”

The Carnivine rolled his eyes and left with his Fleshcaps. The Carnivine’s spot was soon taken by a Leipard who ordered Meatroot. The same happened throughout the day, minus a few...incidents, namely a few others trying to get more than one meatpack. Some tried to bribe…”No sir, these are free packs for Carnivores, but I have been ordered to only give one to each pokemon.”

“I don’t suppose ten star could get me an under the counter deal?” A Growlithe asked with a confident grin on his face.

“You could try asking a less honorable guild member.” Zar’roc said, fixing him with a cold stare. “I will not be bribed into breaking the rules. You get one, the same as everyone.”

The Growlithe’s eyes widened and his tail was slightly tucked between his legs. “F-fleshcaps please…”

Kaza handed Zar’roc a package of Fleshcaps and Zar’roc gave it to the Growlithe. He took it with his teeth and bolted off.

Others were a bit more...clever about it. “...Surely you can give us each a pack? These are my children!” A Manetric insisted. “As their mother, I INSIST that you give each of my children a package of Meatroot!”

“Sorry Ma’am, I can’t do that.” Pharion said. “I mean...those aren’t your kids. I can see that clear as day.”

“W-what do you mean? Of course they are!” She stammered.

“Well for one, I remember that Growlithe trying to get some from Zar’roc a little earlier.” Pharion explained. “Two, they’re...not all your species, and three, they are too old to be your kids.” Pharion said. “Unless you had then when you were ten.”

She smiled a bit and blushed. “Oh, do I really look that young? My, you’re a charmer….anyway...alright. They aren’t mine. One pack of Meatroot.” She said. Kaza gave Pharion the pack to give to the lady.

And then there was the more...pushy individuals. A Magmortar in particular seemed like he was trying to outright rob them. He pushed his way through the crowd and placed a foot on the stand, aiming one of his cannons at Zar’roc. “I think I’ll be relieving you of your stock there meat-boy!”

Zar’roc calmly looked up at the Magmortar and gave him a small smile. “I think you won’t.”

“Eh? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He asked. “You think I won’t blast you?”

“Well...let me list the reasons this is a bad idea.” Zar’roc said. “Number one, I can move out of the way and tear your chest open. Number two, even if you do get me you’ll have a VERY angry Arcanine less than a few feet away that’ll be happy to deal with you himself. Three, you’ll have a crowd of angry and hungry meat eaters right behind you, and you’re taking their food. Four, the guilds will hear about this, and they will bring their wrath down on criminals like yourself. There situations where this turns out well for you.” The Magmortar had broken into a cold sweat and slowly turned around to peek at the crowd behind him, and they looked less than pleased, some baring their teeth, or had their claws extended. “I think you had best leave.” Zar’roc said. “No meat for you. Go home and think about what you’ve done.” The Magmortar gulped and nodded. He ran away from the crowd, and they glared until he was out of sight. “Next pleased.” Zar’roc said, bringing back the crowd’s attention. The rest of the day passed without incident. It seemed the Magmortar had set an example on the rest of them to behave.
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014

Kaza, Pharion, and Zar'roc minding the meat stand! Needless to say it's an eventful day.

Kaza and Zar'roc belong to Team Arlion
Pharion belongs to Team Frostfire
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