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Lol - Summer Kayle

My work for the contest "Summer in League" on the Russian server League of Legends
I hope you like it :heart:

Kayle. League of Legends © Riot Games
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© 2013 - 2021 Enijoi
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Stunning work! Love the coloring and details!

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I wish Riot would show Kayle and Morgana some more love. :heart:
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This is incredible, if this isn't a real skin.. it NEEDS to be!!
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I love how you did her wings! Very tropical looking. They remind me of blue & gold macaws. Rito plz make a pool party skin for Kayle that looks like this! :)
MercyLasVegas's avatar
She's so pretty oh god - Riot plz make this skin alive -qwq- :heart:
You did a great job with her - I rly enjoy your concept <3
kev1997's avatar
nice this has to be the new skin for kayle ^.^
camlily's avatar
This idea of skin is amazing , want to see it on LOL !
atomicqueen's avatar
Eew can League fanartists just not for once sexualise everything and maybe give Kayle more realistic boobs -_- Those wouldn't even fit in her armour for goodness' sake
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Omg, that looks so cool~ The parrot wings were so creative and brilliant!
Rizzie-chan's avatar
Love it! Parrot wings for the win :3
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My goodness why can't this be a real skin D: Id buy Kayle just for this xD
Zhyreth's avatar
heyaas thats cool :o
plzgaiasrebirth's avatar
this is a very nice skin idea for her, hope riot will pull her our of the hat insterad of more ugly football skins XD
White-Sakurazuka's avatar
Love the star on the sword! :3 Awesome concept!
TerramArmsXIII's avatar
that is just awesome! nice!
Enrichua's avatar
*_* :D So beautiful
This is still one of the best skin idea RIOT games should pick up! This artwork is amazing!
GoudaWeapon's avatar
Kayle is my main and I just love this take on her. If I were a wealthier man, I would tattoo this on my body in full color and get you to sign it. Well done!
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Skin where?! Good job!
Wolli46's avatar
You know, Riot could just take this and release it as a skin!
Amazing :D
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