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prof. Archimedes Q. Porter

Disney's (The Legend of) Tarzan
property of Disney
so this is another sketch I worked on last Friday
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this guy is always blowin shit up in his experiments lol
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Nice drawing :D
How you painted it? I want to learn too ^^
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well there are 2 things you need to know about my work A)I'm using photoimpact and B) I ALWAYS draw a sketch on paper so first I scan the image and do the lineart (I useally create new layers for clothes, skin, eyes...) you can't reallycreate new layers in photoimpact but you're probably not going to use that programm so I'm saving you the details about that
when the lineart's done, I start coloring my sketch (quite often directly on my base image= original scan because I can't create new layers )
then: shading. photoimpact has this really nice charcoal function I always use it and when that's done I use 'blur' but that doesn't always work so then I just keep adding more carcoal strokes untill it looks acceptable
final stap: background
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Ah, ok ok ^^
Gives a lot of work then, no? It also works if I use Photoshop?
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Yes and yes.=D
you know if you want help there are a lot of good tutorials on how to color a sketch on this site, especially for photoshop
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Wow.. thank you very much :D
I will need them...I have a sketch of Milo for paint :D
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