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Well, you'd be annoyed too if you had to cut down on the brownies.

Wacom Intuos & CS5.
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What a nice profile. Great work.
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My dear friend you have to learn to control them brownies, or they will steal your life away from you, stay safe my dear. 
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A few brownies won't ruin a figure like that.
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A brownie fanatic huh? Delicious in any case. :3 Nicely drawn.
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lol best thing ya can ever do is toss out the junk! eat a fruit cup instead!
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"Likes: Brownies"
... well, if you take out the "w" from that word, you get-
Audience: *smack*
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As straightforward and as gorgeous as ever. 'mazing what you do with dem colours :D
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Now that's just too cute.
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Oh no, not the brownies!!! :(

Hehehe, very cute work, E. Always glad to see new stuff from you, dearest. :)
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try my vice.. Jelly Bellys
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Sounds rough. I love brownies.

Good picture.
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Oh, I don't think you need to worry too much about that, if these pictures are at all accurate.
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how can you entertain the devil without brownies ????
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how come do thay go to ya boobs or ya bum
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
She should make friends with Leprechauns or Bhodach, abjuring all Caledonian fayes until she's Scot-free.
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yeah...the brownies are what'll get ya.
If you're interested I have a recipe for low calorie brownies. Note me if you want it.
Take care Hon.
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Wait, I'm entertained by this, yet then that means...
Then again, brownies are really good.
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