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Stuff I like.


I very much like this representation of the Lauren Faust Alicorn OC you've drawn. It has a very interesting feel to it, with her pose a...

I think this piece turned out very well, DF. The detail work is excellent in spots like the wispy formations leading up Luna's horn and...


I'm Gonna Save The Plaza!
How are you all, my watchers? This is your resident EnigmaticThief, coming to you with some fanart of a property I've recently gotten into. 

"O.K. KO! Let's Be Heroes" has been so entertaining to watch so far, I felt like doing a little portrait of its main character, KO! I'm working on a new substrate, Bristol board, and have been working to improve my technique with my ink pens. While some areas still show fairly obvious stroke lines, I was able to minimize them in areas like KO's shorts and vest by reapplying the same color pen over the area or blending two tones together. I also experimented with some altered perspective for the background that I think turned out relatively well. 

One detail that I think brings down the piece is KO's right arm; I feel like a better perspective would put more of his upper arm hidden behind his torso. Without it stick out quite so far, it would not "imbalance" the movement being conveyed by the rest of KO's figure. I will have to watch out for this in the future. 

What do you all think? What are your impressions of the show itself? As always, comments and critiques are much appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon!
What's up, my watchers? This is your resident EnigmaticThief, coming to you after having watched the newly-released Equestria Girls feature, "Friendship Games." Overall, my thoughts were positive. I'm glad that what started as corporate-mandated BS is finally showing some competence rather than being a chore to sit through. If you haven't seen the film yourself just yet, please be aware that there will be some spoilers below.

* I'm glad that they had parallel conflicts for both Twilight and Sunset throughout the film. Like they had done with Rainbow Rocks previously, Sunset Shimmer's regrets about her past mistakes provide her motivation and a direction to put the other protagonists on. Meanwhile, Twilight has to deal with a complex dilemma in that will she either do the morally right thing, or use the opportunity Cinch is giving her to secure her future prospects. Much better than the previous films' plots.
* Speaking of which, I'm glad that the instigator of conflict in this film wasn't some extradimensional whoopdie-doo they conveniently forgot to mention earlier, but rather a normal person with unsympathetic but understandable motivations who is having a negative influence on Twilight.
* While it didn't pop up in any of the previews, I'm glad that there was an academic component to the Friendship Games. Not only did it bring in other background characters and have some funny moments, but more importantly it deviated from what I had expected. From the outset it seemed like there may have been a "shame the nerd" or "fix the nerd" subtext to Twilight's story here, what with all the attention previously focused on the athletic component. Thankfully that did not come to pass.
* Principal Cinch's song tempting Twilight to use her locket device's stored magic was nicely done, with an ample dose of "Be Prepared" for tone.
* Twilight's reaction after doing so was very appropriate and quite emotional.
* I'm glad Cadence and Shining Armor were incorporated into the film well.
* The characters designs have gotten better compared to previous installments, especially in that they're moving away from the uniform "hooker boots" footwear for the main characters.
* The visual call-backs to Ghostbusters were fun.
* Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat had some funny one-liners.
* The climactic stand-off between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight was very nice.
* Minimal Brad, without the reintroduction of a contrived romance subplot.

* They really had to try at every opportunity to shove the "Pony Up!" catchprase into the dialogue.
* The writers completely threw out any vestige of continuity for how the portal from Equestria to the EQG-verse works. It can't have been 2-and-a-half years since the original Equestria Girls, and it wouldn't make sense for Pony!Twilight to keep the portal open indefinitely with her MacGyvered solution from Rainbow Rocks.
* The EQG writers still do not understand how to make Pinkie Pie's dialogue funny.
* The rest of the Mane 6, especially Rainbow Dash and Rarity, still feel flanderized compared to their FiM counterparts.
* The "Everybody Wins" conclusion to the Games feels like a cop-out. They could have had a legitimate tie, or ended the movie on on the two teams getting back to the final competition. 80's freeze-frame that shit!
* Even though they built them up in previews and the opening credits, the Shadow Six members like Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare didn't have any time to become developed characters in the film.
* Human!Twilight should actually have parents and such here, so I don't think she can reasonably decide on her own to transfer schools in an afternoon.

So, what did you all think? I'll catch you all later.


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