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Stars Will Aid Her Escape

"and she will bring about night time eternal."

This is my first canvas painting.
Painted in acrylic paints on a 20 cm by 20 cm canvas. I painted this to familiarize myself with working on canvas after deciding it was not a good idea for my first time working on canvas to be a ten hour exam.
The painting continues around the sides but it's a bit hard for me to show in a scanned image.
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This is an utterly beautiful painting.
Dragonjek's avatar
Thanks for giving Miss Spectrum permission to use this pic for our story (although I suppose you might know her under a different name).

Music for the Mare in the Moon
GhostKlok's avatar
this is beautifle
Black-Dragon167's avatar
Very nice.

(also nice to see someone learning to paint on canvas through MLP, even though the only thing this has to do with MLP is the moon, haha.)
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
Thank you I planned to paint it as part of my art coursework anyway but couldn't resist the opportunity.
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"Stars Will Aid Her Escape"
i came............


wait are you referencing to notacleverpony here?......
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
No, any resemblance is just a coincidence.
iamli3's avatar
FUF >.< ..........
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The translucency of the waves is extremely nice, and the way the clouds are illuminated as well
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
Thank you, the translucency was a feature I was really hopping to get across.
anzul's avatar
awesome work man :)
Helsaabi's avatar
0w0 your painter is really beautiful. ^w^b
Pyrobug0's avatar
This is a really unique style, at least as far as art I see regularly goes. It's very well done.
aslitbyfire's avatar
Wow, you don't see too many pony-themed art painted on a canvas. This one's absolutely beautiful too with the rough waves in the foreground.
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
Thank you, the relative lack of canvas paintings is probably because caves is more expensive and takes more preparation than pixels or paper and so there is a greater risk if anything goes wrong.
I probably wouldn't of done it if I was not part of my art coursework.
aslitbyfire's avatar
Yeah, that makes sense about the great risk if something goes wrong, like a minor mistake that can cross over into other parts of the picture that's hard to correct, which is why I tend to like drawing in digital format nowadays more often for really detail oriented pictures, because the layering system allows for much easier control for any mistakes I might make. And you don't have the risk of anything spilling or splashing on your piece, which I've had happen before and is almost impossible to cover up. :cries:
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
It's important not to worry too much when painting. Mistakes can be painted over and corrected event in galleries one can sometimes see on grand paintings the raised silhouettes of a misplaced leaf or brach which has since been amended. And even if wort comes the worst paint can be scraped off a canvas.

The key thing I recommend when painting is to do a black a white tonal underpainting allowing you to see how well it works and any mistakes are easily correct and changes are easily implemented as well and adding to the depth and tone of the final image.
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Mother of God...
Schreiter's avatar
This is beautifully done. This is the kind of art that I want to put in my house. When I have money... and a house... or an apartment... or a full time job. Wow, can't wait to finish uni now.
EnigmaticElocution's avatar
I'm flattered. You're the kind of people I want to make art for, for them to enjoy. So I may become better.. to make better art... for more people to enjoy. Thank you.
Wanderingwolf999's avatar
that line "the stars will aid in her escape" always reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu
PrinceTerra's avatar
wonderful! I can imagine on the wall in my room. :)
Thejboy88's avatar
Nice picture. Good work.

Did we ever get an explanation as to what those stars were? Were they Nightmare Moon's servants? Were they actual stars she used to help her escape? Were they bright ponies in the sky? What?
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