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If you're into that sort of thing. I just wanted to share a cool channel I feel doesn't get enough love. He mainly does epic synth covers for some of the more popular songs in Godzilla and other cool movies. Check out his channel here.

My skype was just reopened automatically after a computer update and restart. Last message, I received was back in 2016 before the whole discord take over haha. So I began to wonder just how much other things/places I began to neglect. Umm, I am open for art trades and all that good stuff. I am also taking commissions with minor changes. I only take two official slots per month, because it's less stressful and much easier for me to communicate with you. Send me a note if you're interested in one of those things. I have a queue for my art to do list and an official list for those who are working with me to do art trades or commissions. [ Speaking from experience ] I don't like to start things before I get at least a sketch or payment for either. 

Edit: Art Trades Closed

Slot list


Art Trades

Commission info:  Commissions Price Sheet 2018 by Enigmatic-Ki

Edit: Speaking of commissions, check out this official video my friend Dwayne Ford Commissioned me to make with news footage that I could find from the recent US and Mexico border crisis.

As an epic trailer music fanatic, I will say I was a little more than happy to do that :)