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Rejected comic speedy~

I should be doing other things now but I not <__>

Kiraga stalking some random bushes *-*

...Damnit Ki! Why you gotta be a weirdo?! >.<

Edit~ I've noticed a few mistakes so I corrected them... Not sure if you can see any difference though...
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I love the sky.
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Red on Kiraga looks so beastleh.
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Kiraga looks so snuggable.
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lightair: 'looks at Kiraga then buch and walks up to buch an gets attacked bye a random animal' KIRAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

lol grat pic
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Kiraga: Oh nooo! D: *Tackles the random animal* o__o

Thanks~ :XD:
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lightair: 'looks at kiraga evily' you could have told me there was some one there

no prob
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Kiraga: Hey I didn't know there was anyone there at all ^^" I just heard the noise they made ;P
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lightair: shorrrrrreeeee ya did
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Kiraga: lol! Hey you walks up to the bushes yourself :XD:
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lightair: -_- yeah saps so but warn me nexst time
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Awesome background (as always) and lol - a bush-stalking dragon :D What kind of dragon does that? But her expression speaks dor everything :XD:
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lol! IDK ^^ Kiraga is just strange like that :XD:
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Kiraga seems to looks pinish today.
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Typo. I meant pinkish.
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Why is Kiraga being a weirdo for staring at some bushes for all you know her next meal of field mice or what have you might be rustling around in those bushes. I do again like the look of this pic and the wide mountain landscape this image has in it as well with the forests. Love the work again you did on your dragon nice work. :) :thumbsup:
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Could be :) and thanks a lot ^^
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a dragon stalking bushes.
:iconfreeinternetplz: for you!

no seriosly, i love how you always make dem mountains, dem poses and colours and everything <3
amazing job :iconclappingplz:
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lol! Thanks a lot! :XD:
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