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Krystalumoris - Speedpainting

Collab with :iconthirteenth-sanction:
She drew the character and I did the background and effects ^^

Heres the video~> [link]
Go here to see =thirteenth-sanction's lineart video~> [link]
Hope you like it!
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Nicely done. I love the glowy rib effects, and that BG is amazing.
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Very beautiful! I could stare at this forever :D
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It's all gorgeous, beautiful collab O.O
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This is extremely impressive and original for a speedpaint. I'm very impressed.
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Glad you like it :)
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Dude, Love your work.
Take some time out to check mine too.
Would love to have some feedback. :)
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Thanks, you have some very good fan art in your gallery as well :)
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Thanks. Appreciate it. :)
But i think your work is much more clearer and detailed as compared to mine.
Maybe you can give me a few tips on how to do that? :)
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You're welcome~
Honestly the answer to that is the time you're willing to commit to it :)
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But i always get kinda texture less stuff. Which brushes you use to paint body and clothing etc?
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I don't remember painting clothing here but the brush for the body was just the soft round brush. If you want textured brushes, you can always look them up here on DA. Tons of people have them available for download.
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Thanks man. :)
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That's so amazing!
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wow *.* one question which programm are you using?
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Photoshop CS5 ^^
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O_O whoa looks great ^^
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