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Lightning Love Stamp

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Since my recent lucky break, I learned how many of you are crazy for lightning some of you are.
I am sorta too, it's very beautiful to look at in the night time over a clear country horizon!

It was experimental making the flashing effect.

I finally had my experienced explained. By the awesome Top Gear. Even the Faraday Cage thing!

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Fuck yessssh!!^^
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peculiarjotaro7Hobbyist General Artist
A camera in the sky
followed by a deep growl sent by a depressed giant flying polar bear

It's a true thing. I've seen it happen~!
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void-afHobbyist Traditional Artist
Definetely. :heart:
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xXTakaAliveXxStudent General Artist
I love lightning but hate the thunder for some reason.. ><"
LittleQuasar's avatar
LittleQuasarHobbyist General Artist
Ugh... I am like my dog. Lightning scares the hell out of me.
JolteonCyndaquil's avatar
its my fav element -3-
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to me... its kinda a relaxing sound to me
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JessamineDianeHobbyist General Artist
I don't like lightening or thunder because it upsets my dogs.
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magneticstarksStudent Traditional Artist
Yes! Yes, I do.
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IndianimationsHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes yes yes!!!!! :evillaugh:
xXDragonshavenXx's avatar
who doe- nvm people whos gotten struck hate lightning xD
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0WestEndRiot0Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I had control over lightning :evillaugh:
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XxCountryGrlxXHobbyist General Artist
HECK YES. :D :D :D Haha awesome stamp!
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ShontiachaosmasterStudent Digital Artist
I stood outside in a cold, windy storm for half an hour just to record the best lightning show ever! Yay for lighting :heart:
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StreetersHobbyist General Artist
Aww yeaah. My mom has to tell me to come in when I storm is approaching. Moth to a flame,I guess. :giggle:
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Austin-Comix-IncStudent Filmographer
10 reasons why I love lightning:
1. It's bright.
2. It's powerful.
3. It's pure electricity.
4. It's thin as a pencil, yet you can see it from miles away.
5. It can set things on fire, including your enemies (or yourself if you're not careful.)
6. It can raise the dead........at least that's what I've heard.
7. It can send your DeLorean back to the future. :dummy:
8. It's fast.
9. It makes a thunderstorm look more interesting.

One thing I'm curious about when it comes to lightning: can it make your outdoor BBQ dance one more time, or would it just burn your steaks?
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LOL, great list!
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enigmatiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Fact #4 sounds astounding!
Fact #6 - you've read to much of Mary's Frankenstein ;P
Fact #7 - that's if you haven't got the Plutonium! :rofl:

Fact #11 - the sound is AMAZING *_* Especially up close. Or when it hits something metal, yowza!

Well if you believe your Fact #6, your BBQ steaks could rise another disturbing concern...
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Well done!
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enigmatiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
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Galaxia-DarknessHobbyist Digital Artist
Lightning is so pretty! But why does it have to be so dangerous? D:
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enigmatiaHobbyist Digital Artist
So... we can appreciate it more! :'D Like Black Beauty or something XD
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