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Damn snake

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well, here's the second part to the pic 'All wrapped up' Poor frikkin' Jenny.....just buy a new damn ball ok?
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Great drawing!

"I'm coming to save the character from the snake!!"
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(trembles like Shaggy) :giggle:
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Uhhhh Jenny??? you ok??? Can you breath??? .... *squizes the snake makign it caugh up jenny* :3 I AM HERO
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Very nice i Rather enjoy this Series i'm Pretty Sure you can Gather As to Why i like it^_^ but i must say i really like your character hehe it is Quite fun to have hyena's get into Messes of this sort ^_^ Very nice! +fav!
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Hehe, thanks!! Yeah, we all know why you like it :XD: But this is nothing compared to your series though.

Thanks, i'm glad ya like her, and i totally agree, hyenas are perfect for these sort of situations :XD:

Thanks again!!
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she should eat it! lol!
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lol!! that'd actually be hilarious!! well Spooky, looks like you've given me a brilliant pic to draw XD Wait....do hyenas eat snakes? 0o ah well thanks for commenting!! :D
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umm hyenas eat anything dead I think...but who cares!make her eat the sname anyways!
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lol, k, didn't know that 0o Yeah, i will do.....once she somehow gets out of the snake XD
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lol maybe she tasted bad to the snake and he spit her out only to get eaten by her!@
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