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Sansa and Sandor
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Published: July 21, 2011
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A Song of Ice and Fire - Sansa Stark (Little Bird) and Sandor Clegane (the Hound).
Please, please, G.R.R.M., please don't kill them!

I'm finishing the second book today and this is the last scene they were together in this book, and it was very hearth-smothering. If gets further than this in the books to come, i'll drown in tears or something... :D

While drawing this, i was listening to The xx album: xx.
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Enife Digital Artist
Yes. Thank you for noticing something someone has already noticed and letting me know about it. :)
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Enife Digital Artist
Yes. Thank you for noticing something someone has already noticed and letting me know about it. :)
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There's some severus snape action going on here :)
I find her face to be a bit off, but I love the 6 fingers ;)
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TorrenOglethorpeHobbyist Digital Artist
i know right? "snape" was the first thing i thought of
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beauty and the beast i love it 
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SeraphyneHobbyist Digital Artist
I love them.. love.
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popcorngooStudent Filmographer
Sandor looks a lot like Snape here. xD
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crazyashleyHobbyist General Artist
This is lovely, and you've captured them quite well...but i can't help but wonder over one little thing...more because i'm over anylitical than anything...why does sansa have 6 fingers?
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Enife Digital Artist
Holy shit. Uhm. She's. A... I don't like the question :D:D
But the answer is that her forefinger was added later on, and i didn't pay enough attention to the ones that were already there, so it really is a mistake :)
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If Inigo Montoya finds out, she's a dead woman...
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I love this! Your Sandor is awesome!
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YaxeMoonProfessional General Artist
sandor clegane it's like severus snape badass
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I love SanSan, but nothing good ever seems to happen to Sansa Stark so I'm afraid to get too attached to this lovely couple!
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Almesiva-MoonshadowHobbyist General Artist
It's amazing!

They're my favourite pairing from ASOIAF. :love:
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Enife Digital Artist
Thanks and SanSan for prez ;)
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KrusttyhBenyhStudent Traditional Artist
i looove it!
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Enife Digital Artist
Thank you:)
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Ok, this is so wrong, but I enthusiastically dig Sandor lately, and I don't even like these books! I red some of them diagonally, skipping tons of chapters (they are really not my thing), and I got addicted to that character anyway. Oh, well!
I think your depiction of them is wonderful and it is my canon, kind of. You did amazing job, this picture captured me right since I first saw it, but now I have a bit of understanding and can fave it with joy :giggle:
I'll keep on digging :giggle:
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Enife Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
To be honest, i don't like G.R.R.M.'s composition either, but he's good at portraying characters and the first 3 books had some interesting plot in them :D
Ever since i'm reading them for the characters... and i feel the same way about Sandor :D It's so confusing :D
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There's something about these books that catch attention anyway, despite my best efforts =) I agree with you about him and characters, I think he creates very powerful and interesting images.
Yay for Sandor love :aww: I'm very curious how will the story end for him.
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Enife Digital Artist
Hopefully not with his death... :D I guess he could settle down somewhere as a crazy *insert random animal name here* man :D He'd get substantial love like that and won't go nuts for underage girls...
But we'll see :D
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Well, I personally have no problem with their age differences, I think in that society it's a common thing and many people like underage girls there. I take it as justified by setting =) I see you are not SanSan shipper anymore? =) I'm guilty of shipping the two and I'll go down with the ship :D But I have no problem with him settling somewhere without Sansa and stuff, as long as he'll be alive. If he won't be, I'll cry buckets :tears:
We'll see, yep =)
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Enife Digital Artist
Ah, i AM a SanSan shipper, but i always feel like i shouldn't be. :D I don't know, why, but i think their story is the most touching of all, but i cannot see a happy ending to it :( I hope GURM will be able to come up with something, until then, i'm trying to tell myself that it's not okay, so i won't feel bad if the conclusion turns out to be tragic :D Self-deceiving mostly works with me if it comes to books :D And with GURM, one can never know, what may come :)
But i will always be a SanSan shipper :D as well as a Brienne/Jaime shipper :D
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