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Sand Snakes

Here's my take on them, before HBO goes ruining them for me like most of the others. 
Obara, Nymeria, Tyene and Sarella.
I know there are others. I did not find them noteworthy.
I know the sun or star or whatever should have seven points, but i couldn't manage, then again i wasn't really trying, so that's that.
I have no idea how Sarella looks like, so i scraped together whatever info i found about her, put it together and this is what came out of the machine.

They belong to GRRM.
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:heart: them! They deserved so much better than what they are on GoT!
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Thanks! :) There was so much potential in these characters and the show somehow just fell flat...
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Tell me about it!
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Aaaand... You were right, the show slaughtered them.
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my favorite female characters in the book 4 and 5
This is really good. From what I understand there is a theory that Sarella Sand is posing as a boy in the citadel (Alleras in the prologue of ADWD, notice how Alleras is Sarella backwards).
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Yes, that was my only lead :)
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This looks amazing. And the coolest thing I found about this illustration is that it's quite similar to another Sand Snakes I've seen, and yet quit different. Yours (in my humble opinion) looks like a bette and improved version of the other one. Just amazing, keep up the good work
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There isn't much Sand Snakes fanart out there, so i wanted to add my depiction to the few there is. My biggest inspiration of course was :iconsir-heartsalot:'s version, it's really lively :D
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Not a big fan of the snakes, but I DO like your designs here!
I especially LOVE Obara (as I'm pretty sure she gonna get the design-change from HBO that will disappoint me the most), she looks exactly as I had in my mind. The big, brutish woman, with the less than feminine features.
Nymeria is absolutely STUNNING here! I mean, damn, her eyes, her pose and especially her hair is stunning; the detail with the braid and the sharp widows peak of her works so perfectly well with her character.
I like what you came up with for Sarella - I mean, sure, it ain't easy with the little information about her, to create an exact design, but this is wonderful and I will go with this design for her 100%
Seriously, just, wow. Loving this to bits!
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Thank you! What i know about Sarella is that she's probably working under the name of Alleras, a boy, so i tried to make her look like a girl that passes for a boy as well :)
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Looks awesome! *3* ♥
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Nymeria. looks. amazing.
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This is so amazing! You've done an awesome job :) I love the Sand Snakes! They are all done so perfectly :)
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you're welcome Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
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Wooo Sand Snakes! Tyene is so hawt. <3
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I can't wait for this ladies to show up!!! They look just awesome!!!
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Wonderful! I love the Sand Snakes and you've portrayed them perfectly :D
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Magnifica!  I love them, I love them all. I really love Tyene  (and the hidden poison!) - she's my favorite but Lady Nymeria is totally a sexy, vampy seductress. Obarra... well, she looks strong ;)
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