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Over the sea

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Published: December 17, 2011
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Okay, now the reason i had to draw this:
As i proceed in ADWD, i have to learn who's who in Meeren eventually... and although i'm halfway through the book, i still find it hard to make a difference.
So. From left to right:
Hizdahr zo Loraq: i don't know how to feel about him getting rid of his ridiculous hair... while he had those stupid wings on his head, at least i could tell him from the other people with their silly names...
Daario Naharis: he was the one that started the whole drawing process. After another misunderstanding a few weeks ago, i googled him, and found this picture: [link]
And since i saw it, there was no way i could get it out of my head, it was clinging to my brain, and when i got to the parts where he was rubbing the lady-shaped hilts of his weapons, my face slowly became like this: :icongrossplz: and i think i've had enough, so i drew him to look like he does on my picture.
Daenerys Targaryen: nothing special, it's just Daenerys. I still don't like her, no matter how hard i try, i'm sorry.
Missandei: yeah, she is easy to recognize, but i wanted to draw her :)

All characters belong to George R. R. Martin.
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MLPDreamCatcherHobbyist Digital Artist
Now I see why people think Daario is secretly Euron Greyjoy, he does have an evil pirate look about him XD
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
oh and this is amazing too
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
OMG... I dont like Dani either!
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IlyrriaStudent Traditional Artist
That smirk... :D Your Daario is so much more like how I imagined him while reading than how he is in the series. But I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to use those swords! Anyway, this pic overall is great too!
Libra1010's avatar
 I must say Miss Enife that I have seen very few (if any) other renditions of a Targaryen that sells the 'Alien' beauty of Old Valyria quite so well as your own, especially in this rendition of The Mother of Dragons.; however the character with which you have imbued each of the characters above just raises this piece far above your portrait of Daenerys posted slightly earlier in your gallery.
ValeviL-the-phoenix's avatar
Hi! Can I post it on my fanpage "game of thrones - italian fans"?!
Enife's avatar
EnifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing! :)
ValeviL-the-phoenix's avatar
thank you I will post other your pic about GOT, too
(with credit and link, don't worry)
black-wolf-devil's avatar
black-wolf-devilHobbyist Writer
You don't like Daenerys either? Omg, finally I've found someone who agrees with me!!
ice-and-fire-lover's avatar
very awesome:) i must agree with the last comment; THAT Daario is spot on! HBO could learn a thing or two from you! also love your Dany very beautiful and tastefully censored hah
saiSilmarien's avatar
Your Daario Naharis is AWESOME! I love him. The bestest Dario of internet d;
Enife's avatar
EnifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh, thanks a lot! :D
prettyz0mbi3's avatar
I like your version of Daario much better. Even better than the shows version. :P
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PhanteiaProfessional Interface Designer
I'm not a Daenerys fan either ;)
Enife's avatar
EnifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Yaaay *brofist* :D
Levriere's avatar
Oh they are so perfect. I was looking for fanart to help me get over how disappointed I was with their castings in the show and oh this is marvelous.
Enife's avatar
EnifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ;)
Apohermion's avatar
I really want to do a cosplay based on your version of Daario. Thanks for the inspiration!
Kso-Zzzz's avatar
I dont like Daenerys, too. She is naive and foolish as ruler and as woman -_-
I join to comments on Daario, hehe C:

I like the most your art Sansa/Sandor. Why the Hound and the Little Bird cant be together : (
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Oh man, you even have Daario with his hands on those naked lady hilts. Bahaha. He's such a sauve bastard. Smarmy as ever. Def. captured his personality in your drawing. And little Missandei is adorable.
WeebleClock's avatar
Oh my god, that picture of Daario XD I sincerely hope he does not look like that in the TV series. Eugh. Your version, however, is gorgeous <3 And I ADORE Missandei <3333 She is so adorable!! And she looks kind of capricious ~ Lovely as per usual!
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SusieCurlyQHobbyist General Artist
I love your Daario and his wanton ladies. So swarmy and beautiful.
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wikigiuliProfessional General Artist
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BergholtzProfessional General Artist
Thank goodness, I thought that I was the only one who did not care for Daenerys as a character. If she only had some sort of flaw I would like her better. Daario also creeps me out. I had a good time looking though your gallery, fan and personal pictures alike. You got a neat style.
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