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Gender Challenge: Ms. Alistair

A giggly, girly female Alistair as i think he would be if he was a woman :)
For the September Gender-switch Challenge, announced by TheDragonAges [link]
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swooping, is bad..
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that's the best.
Alissa may be?
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Wow, fem!Alistar is a honey...
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I wanted to like Alister but he wasn't a lady, you seem to have solved my problem. I romanced him anyway.
Even as a woman he never stops being HOT!
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I literally stared at this before deciding to laugh over crying, having my brain explode, and ._.

But this is quite amazing xD
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Dreams do come true!
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10/10 would still hit that.
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More like Allistair, nicknamed Ally, or Allie, which ever suits your fancy.
If only it were true. I would totally pick her over morrigan and lileana. Well done.
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That's /adorable/!
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I'ma girl.... and I would still happily hit that.
She looks like me!!

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Male or female... Alistair is still adorable!! lol. XD Very well done indeed! :D *Love it!!*
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