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IchigoMayo 17: Strawberry-Mayonnaise :iconeniell:Eniell 2 0
IchigoMayo 16: Once you're used paying with credit
Once you’re used paying with credit card, you’ll start spending way more money than you have
“Toushii.” Her big sky-blue eyes were looking at him in a mix of innocence and sternness. “I need your help.”
It wasn’t so much the fact that she asked him a favor but rather the fact that she stood in front of his room inside the Shinsengumi Headquarter. Her lackadaisical gaze was adorning her cute face as she tilted her head and sighed like it was a pain in the ass to come here in the first place.
The diligent Vice Commander looked at her in utter surprise, sitting on his work table and shuffling around some papers. It was his day off duty today, but he still couldn’t help it. He wanted to work. Especially since he had been hospitalized for a week just a while back. He couldn’t stand Sougo’s constant teasing anymore, reminding him what a ‘lazy ass’ and ‘useless policeman’ he was. But now, as the young
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Mature content
IchigoMayo 15: Sometimes change is for the best :iconeniell:Eniell 1 0
IchigoMayo 14: When people change a lot...
Chapter 14: When people change a lot, you realize the things you loved about them

There was a faint noise piercing his brain. He felt someone touching him, a well-known smell filling his nose. His body was heavy and numb, weighing him down. There was pain from time to time, making him stiff and uncomfortable. Some memories flickered in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t focus on them. Instead, he tried opening his eyes. It was too bright to see anything.
Gradually, his senses accommodated to his surroundings and everything got a bit clearer. There was someone calling him, a heavy weight in his lap and a bright light blinding him from outside the window. Then he heard his name, stifled by tears.
When he finally managed to open his eyes, the first thing he realized were big brown eyes and a face drenched in tears. His oldest friend and commander cried dramatically and softly shook him as he grabbed him by the shoul
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IchigoMayo 13: Demon
It had been a hard day already and it wasn’t even noon.
Hijikata Toushiro could feel a hard lump in his neck, giving him a migraine. He massaged it a bit while walking through the streets of Kabuki-chō. It was a lazy Sunday morning and most of the shops and restaurants were still closed. Such a peaceful day and for a second, he could have almost been swayed by it. But these drug dealers were still on the run and causing trouble in the shadows. Unforgivable. He needed to catch them soon. When did they get so good at covering tracks, he wondered.
The officer was walking his usual route, alone. He had been a policeman for so long, he knew every nook and cranny of the city. Today, he chose this part of Shinjuku deliberately. The last months, a lot of yakuza activity had been reported here, near Tocho-mae, and he knew that they were hiding somewhere out here. He wasn’t going to do something stupid. He was just patrolling, observing, hoping to stumble on the last piece of th
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IchigoMayo 12: Everyone hates mayonnaise
“Haaaaah…” An exasperated sigh cut through the thick, warm air of the bar. The light was dimmed, a soft music playing, and the sting of cold cigarette smell pierced her nose from time to time. Her cheek was resting on the bar counter while she was staring into the darkness, her arms as saggy as a sea slug. One in a while, she was slurping the cocktail through her straw, but most of the time, she was just closing her eyes, drowning in self-pity.
What kind of sadistic fate had befallen her?
She felt down, desperate and humiliated, but not in a nice way. No, this was different. She couldn’t enjoy any of it. This just sucked. And she had to live with it. She had to finally accept it. That Gin-san would never be interested in her ********.
It wasn’t like she didn’t know that already. It wasn’t a secret that the ugly cop and the Yorozuya were a couple now. She had known, but she had opted to ignore it, to completely block it out, to deny the very con
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IchigoMayo 11 - Teenage boys want one thing only
“You take this area and I’ll go further ahead. He can’t be that far.” Hijikata tried his best to appear calm and rational, but it was impossible to cover up his edginess. It had already spread to Shinpachi, who returned his concerned look.
“Roger that, Hijikata-san. We’ll find him.”
The policeman was thankful for this reassurance and nodded before darting off. He was thankful that the teenager and the alien girl were helping him. But somehow, he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all his fault. If only he had already imprisoned these yakuza. If only he had already stopped the circulation of this drug. If only he had kept an eye on Gintoki, none of this would ever have happened. But at the same time, he knew these thoughts were pointless. He needed to find him as quickly as possible. He had a very bad feeling about all of this. Nothing good could come out of this situation.
The policeman had been searching the whole area for a while
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Shy pears by Eniell Shy pears :iconeniell:Eniell 5 2 Portrait by Eniell Portrait :iconeniell:Eniell 21 3
IchigoMayo 10 - Every man has an inner child
Chapter 10: Every man has an inner child
Hey folks! Today’s the day my first real arc will start! I’m so excited about this! The idea is from “Gintokithebest” and I liked it so much I turned it into a multi-chapter arc. I really hope you’ll enjoy it!
~ ~ ~
Well… thank you for… these um… excellent performances…”
The speakerphone crackled and made a sharp squiiieck for a second there before the moderator cleared his throat and let his gaze wander through the audience. He was a well-dressed man in his forties with a navy blue suit and a red-blue checkered tie. A red napkin tugged into his breast pocket and dark blue lace shoes made him look like a show master. Behind him, three rather odd figures stood on the stage, waiting for the meager applause to stop.
The first figure was a little girl in the costume of Leifang from the fight
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IchigoMayo 9 - From alien parasites to people...
Chapter 9: From alien parasites to people sitting in trees
Hey guys! I’m back!  I hope I’ll be able to upload frequently now, but writing always takes so much time, so please be patient. Also, this chapter has a lot of typical Japanese stuff in it. It’s too much to put it into annotations, so please just look them up yourselves! Thanks!
Enjoy the chapter!
It was odd. Just plain odd.
A man with olive brown hair and steel blue eyes sat on their couch, at their coffee table and sipped a cup of tea. In front of him stood three bowls of rice and various small plates with food. There was smoked salmon, raw egg, nattō, tofu, some sukonbu and three types of beans. A rather fancy breakfast and nothing he would expect to find at the Yorozuya’s household.
Speaking of which, this was by far the oddest thing. He, Hijikata Toushirou, sitting on their breakfast table after he had spent the nigh
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IchigoMayo - 8 Ghosts
Chapter 8: Ghosts
A brutal hit to the face got him spewing blood. He felt his nose break a while ago, but they still hadn’t stopped and didn’t care either. They kept beating him with all they got.
Their voices bellowed and hollered as they kicked him in the stomach now, so he had no choice but to cringe and bent. Kneeling on the ground, his hands cuffed behind his back, his forehead hit the dirt. He didn’t have any strength left. He hadn’t eaten for two days and had to drink from a puddle the icy rain had left in his cell. His body was laced with bruises and rashes and blood and dirt. His face looked especially bad. One eye was completely swollen; the other had black and blue rings around it. His lips had burst, blood was leaking out of his nose and some cuts between his temples and ears. He really had seen better days.
He swallowed the painful moaning that wanted to escape his throat and let out a weak sigh i
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Mature content
IchigoMayo - 7 Hands off! :iconeniell:Eniell 4 0
IchigoMayo - 6 They say the police is really scary
Chapter 6: They say the police is really scary, but in reality they´re just a bunch of gorillas, idiots and taxthieves
“One set of omurice and pudding please~!*“
As he got the curry rice stuffed inside an omelette pocket, he couldn’t have been happier. They had even bothered to make the typical ketchup waves that made it look even more delicious. Wow! His eyes started to glow like those of a little child. This was the best!
“Here’s your strawberry milkshake as well, Sakata-san.”
Blushing like a high school girl, he chuckled and took it from the man wearing the apron. His voice was pretty high-pitched. “Thanks a bunch!”
As Gintoki turned around, he encountered a familiar, yet very confused face. In front of him stood a man in uniform with shoulder long black hair and dull dark eyes. The silver-haired man’s teeth flashed i
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IchigoMayo - 5 Codewords

 “Sorry for the intrusion!”
“Come in!”
Hijikata Toushiro silently closed the door, took off his shoes and placed them neatly at the entrance. In his socks, he walked into the living room only to find a bored looking alien girl on the couch. She was picking her nose while watching TV. Detective Conan was on, but she didn’t seem too immersed in it. Instead, she was looking his way when he entered, scrutinizing him.
“Oh, it’s you, Toshiii…”
Honestly, when the hell did she get used to this stupid nickname? But well, at least she didn’t hate him. He guessed…
“I was looking for Yorozuya.” He admitted, carefully. He was wearing his usual off-work garment, a dark blue yukata with a simple obi. Nothing fancy.
“Gin-chan?” she yawned unfazed and turned to the TV again. “He’s taking a shower.”
“Really? At this time of day?” It wa
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IchigoMayo - 4 Cinnamon Buns
Chapter 4: Cinnamon buns
“Ahh! What a nice evening!” Yamazaki stretched and exhaled happily, patrolling around the street. The sun was setting on the horizon and its reddish golden rays were warm. He felt a cold breeze tingling his cheeks and heard the cascades chirping afar. It was a perfect evening. Everything was calm, peaceful and just the way it was supposed to be. Not even the bitter, disgusting smell of his Vice Commander’s cigarette creeping inside his nose was able to sour this. Yamazaki was as relaxed as he hadn’t been for a long time.
He shot a glance to his brother-in-arms and smiled. Hijikata Toushiro still was his usual stiff and grumpy self, but he also appeared relatively lenient since they had returned to Edo. Seems like he had come to terms with whatever had been troubling him all this time. One might even say, he was in a good mood for some time now. Yamazaki wondered what could be the reason
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