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Belarus X Reader (Yuri) .:Chase Me Instead:.
You knew it was wrong. Everyone said it was wrong. But, you never listened to reason. Even if you just only wanted to be her friend it was still dangerous. I was dangerous to even look at her. And not just because you have this inhuman infatuation with the woman she was really easy to anger, and you had been staring at her across the coffee shop for who knows how long.
After a while you were sure that she felt your gaze and was good at hiding her irritation. But you just couldn't tear your gaze away from her. Her beautiful silvery-blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders just perfectly. Her feminine posture made you look like a tomboyish nerd that slaves away hunched over her computer keeping up to date on the newest episodes of her favorite anime. Which was true.... Her fingers delicately found their way around the coffee cup and took a sip and set it back down on the table. Then... her gaze.... fell on yours.
Your heart nearly stopped. You were pretty sure that all of the blood in you
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It's me :3 by Enharmony It's me :3 :iconenharmony:Enharmony 0 7
Fight For Me (England x Reader)
---My city was being taken over. Everything around me was changing too quickly. I saw the sky blue eyes of the man I now hated that rooted down to my soul. How he had betrayed me so, I'll never understand. We used to love each other unconditionally. He would tell me how deep rooted his love for me was in his native tongue. He would make me laugh. But now I'm left here alone, down on my knees in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hot tears stained my face. He didn't even apologize. He only stood before me staring back at me holding a gun to his side. He looked to his leader and left me there, heart broken.
"LUDWIG PLEASE!!!"I reached out to him hoping he would hear my cries. I stood, running after him but he was lost with in the thick crown of chaos. My army was out numbered and was starting to retreat to the Spanish border for help.  I whipped my head towards my brother for guidance, anything. He adjusted the cloak on his shoulders and looked back at me. He eyes held the same betrayal tha
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Requets 3
Hello everyone This is my third Open Request Pack!
Im going to do things a little bit differently thi time :3
ok here we go!
-Uta No Prince Sama
-Pokemon (all generations, all trainer classes and any pkm x human or pkm x reader is aceptable. With pkm x reader you need to specify wat kind of relationship you have)
-Princess Jellyfish
-My Brid is a Mermaid (Mermaid or human please specify)
-Minecraft (ya know minus well cover it XD if you are a human or Human/Mob please specify)
-Death Note
-FREE (*caugh*50% off*caough*) Iwatobi Swim Club
-One Piece
-Attack on Titan
-Five Nights at FReddy's
-The Legend of Zelda
Alright I think that covers all of the fandoms im in
I accept yuri and yaoi so dont worry . So last this is just fill out this part and you'll be on your way to a fit of squeals and giggles. XD
pick one: Yuri     Yaoi     Hetero
Who x Who: (no o.c please :( I feel that it takes awy from the reader and I want other read
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Photo Shoot (Kouta X O.C) REQUEST
    She stared into his deep cobalt eyes. His chest slowly rose and fell. He blinked focusing on her features. Her messy brown hair had wriggled free rom the hair tie that she used to tame it. Amethyst eyes stared back while taking in the calm surroundings. He pulled her close to him whispering a "Good Morning." She hummeda response seeing that her face was buried in his chest. Scarlet dusted her cheek looking up at the man infront of her. The morning was calm, which is a liitle unusual for the couple. Usually Rose would awake to the flash of Kouta's camerah. She would blush furiously and would try and force him to delete the photo with fits of laughter escaping her lips. Kouta would udually make up an excuse that she was adorable and he loved how peaceful she would look in her slumber.
    Rose giggled at the thought and softly voiced "No pictures this morning?"
    "No." His eyes shifted towards the eastern window watching the sun slowly ascend into the
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The Song That Made Him Smile (AusReader)
    Each note echoed throughout the room followed by another. Her fingers delicately floated back and forth on the instrument. Her foot tapped gently on he wooden floor while the other sustained notes. Ending the song, she kept her fingers hovered over the keys. She then looked to her elder brother, the man that she has been trying to please for hundreds of years. His face didn't reveal a single hint of what was going through his mind.
    He then looked at her, his mouth twitched in the faintest of smiles. She leapt off of the bench she had been resting apon and threw her arms around him hugging him.
He gently patted her back in response.
    "______" He spoke quietly, getting the girl's attention. "You did good, I'm proud of you."
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England x Reader: Rich Education
  I stared into the massive crowd at the children, highschoolers to be to be exact. I stared at how they carried themselves;chest out and chin high. My father nearly flew to space when he found out I obtained a scholarship here. He then nearly knocked my mother to the ground when she came home from work telling her of my accomplishment.
    Now I sit in this desk doodling in my notebook I was basically off in my own little world because no one talked to me. When new students came to the school I hope every time that they would be like me. But each student, like the other came from high-class rich families who own big companies.
    Yes, I was surrounded by rich kids...
    Today was like any other, I sat in the back writing my notes spacing out here and there. I walked from my class heading to my next but I ended up finding myself on the floor in the middle of the hallway. My books and papers were scattered about, littering the hallway.
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N Harmonia x REader (Pt. 4)
    After a long, exhausting walk back to Aspertia, you and Mei went to rest at the Pokemon Center. You both got something to eat and took a short nap, then proceeded to the Aspertia Gym.
    Stopping just before the double doors you turnes to Mei, "Are you ready, or do you want to train some more?"
    "I got it (name)! I'm going to beat Mr. Alder one day! I'm always ready!"
    You smiled, giggling at her eagerness and determination.
    "Alright just be careful okay?"
    She nodded, pushing open the doors and darting inside. See desks spread around the room greatly surprised you. You could have sworn there was a gym located here. But, you soon heard the cries of Pokemon outside probably giving their all for their beloved trainers.
    "Name guess what?" Mei stated looking up at you grinning.
    "I get to battle my teacher here. Hes new but really nice! He doesn't look like it though. Oh, look there he
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N Harmonia x Reader (Pt. 3)
The green haired boy stared out at the ocean of a dragon island he has searched for and found just two short years ago. He blinked as memory’s flashed before his eyes. The only thoughts that rolled through his mind was that he had to find a certain girl he had met before. He could almost hear her laughter escape from her lips, the glimmering shine of determination that she always held in her eyes. He wanted to experience all of that over again. Refresh his memory so to speak, and do one other thing. He wanted to make her the princess of Team Plasma, no the Queen! His heart skipped for a second this about the extraordinary wedding he could plan. He could invite all of his Pokémon friends. All of the gym leaders would be there; from Cilan, Cress, and Chili to Iris and Drayden. The Elite four even the champion.
He smiled childishly to himself standing on his two feet pushing them down into the worn soles of his shoes and turned to face his Pokémon of ideals, Zekrom. Ze
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N Harmonia X Reader (pt 2)
"(Name!),(Name!)" You younger cousin chimed excitedly jumping around the house. "What is the Unova Region like? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!" A huge grin spread across her face as she tugged on your shirt trying to get you to spill the secrets that you are hiding.
"All in good time Mei" (Mei it the female protagonist in Pokémon B2W2) You smiled sweetly at her but she only huffed and plopped down on the couch.
"(Name)? When are we going to get my new Pokémon?"
"Soon Professor Juniper will call when Bianca gets here"
"Who's Bianca?"
"My child hood friend"
Mei proceeded to ask dozens of questions and you answered then patiently. Each answer you gave brought more sparkle and interest to her eyes, trying to learn as much as she can about her upcoming journey. After a while of questioning Bianca had called you to come and pick up her new Pokémon. Mei nearly deafened you with her excited squeals of joy but you shook it off laughing.
"Please take care of her (Name)." Your a
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N Harmonia X Reader (pt 1)
You sat in between you close friends Bianca and Cheren staring out at the sky. It has been two years since your journey around Unova. You remembered the hot summer days were your clothes stuck to your body in an uncomfortable fashoin. The first few towns were exhausting almost seeming as if your feet would burn through your shoes.  Bianca complained the whole way until she got accustomed to the journey. Everything was perfect  during those first few days, until a new person came into your lives.
This man was on televisions everywhere. He was always talking about Pokémon liberation. He once said "Everyone!,citizens of Unova! I am here to talk about Pokemon liberation! Your Pokémon are being held back because of you! Don't  you know what you are doing to them? Their power isn't understandable. Us humans will never understand their true potential and the destruction they can cause! We need to stop! We need to let them go! We are hurting these wonderful, misund
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Kouta x O.C. [Request]
Amara sat at her desk quietly reading a book she had recently found interest in. Her bangs hid her face as she read. Her fece held a straight face and every now and then she would change expresions on parts that she was surprised about. She was totally lost in a trance when Kouta walked over to her desk and sat down on it.
"Whatcha' reading?" He inquired quietly.
She looked up slowly blinking a few times "Just a story... Nothing really. What do you need" She slowly shut her book smirking at the boy infront of her.
"Just came here to talk. All of the others are doing stuff" He gestured to the rest of Class F; they were causing a comotion as usual and Akihisa got himself introuble again calling Minami a 'flatchested jerk'. Amara just shook her head. "He'll never learn."
"Tell me about it" kouta responded
~~~~~~~Time Skip
Endless trees surounded her as a a few stray cats were by her side. She sat in the grass gently petting one on the head affectionally. A ruffle of leaves were heard and
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My Influenced Hero. America X Reader
~I will not make
The same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
'Cause my heart so much misery~
I tried ever so desperatly to forget the love of my life. Not because he broke my heart, its because he left me forever. He was reckless, oblivious to most dangers in the world. I was the same way too.... back then.
I followed in his same foot steps. I could have followed him to the place of angels but one thing kept me. My older brother (brother's name). Held me back, gripping my arm tightly and holding me close to his chest protecting me with an iron grip.
~I will not break
The way you did, you fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far~
I ran to his limp body his usually sky blue eyes were faded getting darker. He looked into my eyes and smiled weakly. I would never forget his last words that he spoke to me.
"I will always love you, _________, never forget that, babe...."
His eyes slowly closed and he left me forever. I didnt cry at first. I wouldnt believe
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Estonia X Sicily (O.C): The Tiny Cafe
I sat at the table waiting ever so patiently for my date to come. I knew it was a long. Well for one thing he was part of the Baltic Trio. He was the personified country of Estonia and his human name was Eduard vonBock. Everything about him I found adorable, but I couldn't never tell him that. I wanted to though, I really did.
"Alessia, Im so sorry." Eduard walked into the tiny cafe with a little bit of snow in his hair. I giggled looking into his forest green eyes.
"Hi Eduard" I smiled hugging the shivering nation
"How are the other two." I asked curiously.
"They are fine. I had to get Ivan off of Ravis's back." He responded as I dusted snow out of his hair. "I wish I could keep in touch with you..."
I looked at him, pink dusting my cheeks. There was a different look in his eyes than there usually is.
"Eduard what wrong?" I asked curiously.
"Oh nothing" He whispered sitting down infront of me.
A waitress soon walked over and asked us what we wanted I just got a tea and a small slice o
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A Change of Heart Chapter 1
I was downto my last pokemon and my throat was raw from yelling so many commands i almost felt like passing out. But, I had to stay strong for the sake of all pokemon and pokemon trainers.
Reshiram followed my command and used every bit of power she had left into that flamethrower. My opponet thought quick with a nurvous look on his face. His tea green hair swayed in the breeze due to the giant hole in the wall that Zekrom made when he was summoned by the dark stone.
With determination, Zekrom used the last bit of strength he had in his last attempt to wipe everything i had worked hard for out of existence. The smoke slowly cleared revealing the battle scene infront of us. MY eyes sparkled in delight relizing i had just saved all of the pokemon around the world. Trainers can continue strengthing the bonds that they have with their pokemon for years and years to come.
"My opponent hung his head low, "Everything is ruined.
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N x Reader
The smoke cleared the throne room. My eyes opened wide gasping slightly. My Samorott lay on the ground panting with her eyes half closed. The man that caused this was looking at her with a horrified expression. A look of apology and slight grief was present of his features. He new he had no choice of his wrongdoing. He hated hurting Pokemon.
"Namiko I apologize" Whispered gently kneeling beside my Pokemon after releasing his.
"No it's fine." I smiled faintly, giving my Pokemon a Oran Berry. "You had no choice. I understand."
"I still feel guilty ..." He protested childishly fiddiling with his fingers.
I looked at his innocent green eyes and smiled slightly amused. He looked back, his expression priceless "what?" He asked, clueless of my amusement.
"Oh nothing..." I answered shyly as I looked away.
It was silent for a moment before either of us spoke another word.
"I love you...." N whispered barely audible.
I looked at him, my breath caught in my throught. "Huh" I choked only to sound
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OK. I'm back guys. And I am hoping I will be very productive! I am hoping to write a lot of fanfiction and do a lot of drawing requests from my phone. Because a certain someone (points at self) broke her computer trying to belly flop on her bed and then fall off along with the darn thing. SOOOOO any ways three words,
Yup thats right! I, Enharmony are doing BOTH Drawing requsts and Writing Requests. BUT I have guide lines!!
-Please let the quests be from the anime listed:
    -Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    -Baka and Test
    -Ouran Highschool Host Club
    -My Bride is a Mermaid
    -Uta No Prince Sama
    -Pokemon (All regions all Anime seasons) [Just please specify where the character is from, thank you]
    -Attack on Titan
    -Squid Girl
    -One Piece
    -Steven Universe
    -Legend of Zelda
    -Harvest Moon (Once again please specify which game the character is from)
    -Iwatobi Swim Club/FREE!
    -Black Butler
    -Full Metal Alchemist
    -Vampire Night
Please Copy and Paste this form and fill it out.
Game/Anime that they are from:
Is your O.C. there?:     Reference:
How do you want it?:

Please One Drawing Request at a time! THX.

WRITING REQUEST (I hope this makes sense)
O.C x Character / Reader x Character?:
~~O.C. Name:
~~O.C. Appearance:(Eye Color, Hair Color, Skin Color, Height)
~~O.C. Personality:
Lemon/Baby Daddy/Lime/Fluff/Etc.:
Plot Ideas?:
Anything else?:

I know this looks bossy but I will be abe to understand it. and pass it on to your friends!!! it will be great!!!
I hope to see you requests soon!!!!!!

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