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just by looking at my stats
it makes me feel so sad 
creating, making, being creative
it all made me so happy
but one day
life just happened 
insomnia and depression met me
day and night
from spring to winter
for two years 
then and now
was it worth it?
i  had lots of friends here
now i see some of those accounts are gone
they left
i once did
I am stuck working on my thesis (sort of), right now. Ugh, it just feels hella weird being tutoring by someone who is making my life so miserable at the moment.  Like I just talked to my classmates and none of them are as stressed as I am over my tutor. Last Friday she made a roll call just to threat us on how horrible our professional test would be like. I pretty much don't like this. I have to redo all the work done for the past year in just a week. God, just save me from this monster.
- Did you know my items are named after my ultimate favorite Korean singer? Kim JaeJoong. This account was created originally with the name of "jaejunggim" after I saw he by mistake posted a url to twitter but the url only could work on his computer. Yes, his computer name is "jaejunggim".To identify and shorten up my item's name I started using "JJ's" and immediately became my resources name line! And it suddenly became my nickname too. That's why you could be browsing on my gallery and see them posted under the name of "Jae".
- Schedule for upcoming items: I can't wait to show you my new content!
- Selling? Is this the good time to start having my own brand?
- What would my brand name be? Stick to "JJ's", "PSDATN" or "enhancers"? Think of a new one? Like something related to my name + studio/designs?

Well, as many of you know me, I used to be a very active devart member here. Once in a while I dreamed of having my own brand, but went on hiatus for a long time. So I still have those dreams for my little corner but I need to re build up again the audience I used to have. Like 400+ unique visitors per day and much higher deviations views but more importantly, much higher download demand. I know statistics are not everything but, they help lots to know what items people demand the most and of course they help to be hired. Or I just could start an ETSY account and start selling over there, but then again, I need to build up my audience again.

I know it's gonna be hard because I'm such a free giver soul. Lol. Internet has given me lots of great stuff and in return I hope I can at least give you back 1% of the total I've gotten. Slowly with lots of patience and happy creating I hope I can reach that goal: have my own brand. Of course, it will be until I feel comfortable with my skills, offering you high quality stuff! I'm gonna relearn to create and make better stuff for you all, gotta try new tendencies, new programs like lightroom (haven't used it for 4 years now), learning how to make scrapbook items, in the mean time everthing will be for free!

So things are gonna be this way... each other month I will come to update this entry and put the items I'll be working on and then mark the finished posted items on the date I set. Like an schedule. This is the right way to start, otherwise I know, I won't do anything.

  • February
  1. Pixel Scrapper's Blog Train - Winter Fun { Titles / Word Art } Posted 01/29
  2. Started CTing for Dandelion Dust Designs, Tinci Designs, JoCee Designs, Miss Mis Designs, Heather Z. Scraps.
  • March
  1. Pixel Scrapper's Blog Train - In the Pocket { Journal Cards } & PATTERNED 
  2. Started CTing for PixelScrapper, Little Bit Shoppe, Dagi's Temp-tations
  • April
  1. I didn't do much this month as I was guesting for GingerScraps and WendyP Designs.
  • May 
  1. Guesting for Connie Prince and On a Whimsical Adventures
  2. Pixel Scrapper's Blog Train - Destination: {México} ELEMENTS, PAPERS, JC WB STICKERS

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- Welcome to all new +watchers! I hope you enjoy your stay here with me! Feel free to take whatever you like from my page!
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- Not sure if I should start blogging, what site would be perfect for my needs like blogspot, wordpress or tumblr. I think I've seen tumblr blogs with comments section but I'm still figuring it out!
- I have an alternate account! Actually enhancers is my very alternate account, but well... oridzuru. You can find my very old work there! Perfect for gfx :)
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  1. Follow me on Tumblr (psdatn) (I'm updating the blog and will be posting new resources soon!) JJ's PSDATN line is gonna be back!
  2. Scrapbook: I'm a Guest Creative Artist for Dandelion Dust Designs  this means I'll be uploading pages using her amazing kits and also previews fo you to try them out! Very accesible prices for such high quality stuff! Trust me!
  3. I'm happy seeing that many people still come to my little corner and +watch me, comment and download my stuff! Y'ALL THE BEST!

Hello everyone! IT'S BEEN A LONG LONG WHILE since last time appeared here! Oh, man what was I thinking, right!

First of all I apoligize because I've been saying that I would make a comeback earlier but couldn't do it for many reasons... college, family and the worst part: MY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE DIED...but that's not all... LATER MY COMPUTER DIED ALSO! omg -insert bad luck Brian here-.  So I lost bunch of stuff! Really nice stuff created by me (like 365 project and instagram filters like), downloaded, school projects, family photos, media files like music and movies, PHOTOSHOP... EVERYTHING WAS GONE! 

I was really sad it had happened to me all in once... so I refused to start over... I didn't even get my hands on photoshop anymore... Being depressed and sad over it was good because I had time to enjoy life a little bit more than I used to do but there was something still missing for me. You know I grew designing blends featuring my fave artists, sharing them in forums, being always active on the interweb, seeing the amazing creations and photography portfolios... that's why I felt a part of me was missing... so, it took me a while to re-download photoshop, later I started using it for my school binders only... very limited yet creative use.

BUT -here comes my favorite part- at the very end of 2015 I rediscovered scrapbooking through a blog train! I lost all track on scrapbooking back in 2009 (I think) when IKEAGODDESS, a very helpful blog for finding high quality freebies, went fully on hiatus. Almost 7 years later, I received a newsletter email (I NEVER EVER USED TO CHECK MY MAILS) but I opened it because the title of it was appealing to me "Blog Train freebie!"... and one site led me to another, I was blown away by their kits THE NEW SCRAPBOOKING TREND! So very different from the 2006-2009 fashion.

I was super duper amazed and happy (I don't know why) but these feelings led me to start "designing" again. But it was only for personal purposes, been just a ~viewer~ rather than a member of any site... suscribed to tons of blogs, getting my hands on their freebies and working with them... I did nice creations but they were all mixed, my stash was so messy at that time, saving everything in a single folder...

It's been 2 months since I decided to join the fun at GINGER SCRAPS a lovely, super duper, nice scrapbooking site! I joined  because on my birthday they sent me a coupon code valued $7! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM ANY SITE AROUND!  But the forum... OMG THEIR FORUM IS LOVE <3 Really nice people, games, chances to win before hand their products, with monthly challenges to win a kit! How wonderful is that! Does it sound like an ad?

Recently I took the courage and confidence to apply to be a Guest Creative Artist for the wonderful designers they have! I was so nervous because there are many talented people <3 And anyone can apply! So I wasn't sure of my work. But I sent my portfolio anyways, first I'M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I'M GONNA BE GUEST CREATIVE ARTIST FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL AT GINGERSCRAPS!... then with more confidence sent my application to Ginger the creator of Dandelion Dust Designs . She is giving me the chance to grow as an artist while helping her to promote her store! I'M SO THANKFUL AND BLESSED FOR THIS BIG OPPORTUNITY! 

There's also another great and wonderful woman that I'm gonna start working with but until I'm all set I won't tell! Because I want it to happen! :D

All this means that I'm gonna be back at scrapping, designing and making resources for everyone! :D So bear with me in the mean time I'm gonna set up my tumblr account again! Thanks to everyone that keeps following me over tumblr! And I'm sorry to have dissappointed the ones that unfollowed me due to inactivity! 

Lots of love to everyone <3
Imperio aka Maddie / Jae