Deviation Actions

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Thank you so much!! These are VERY VERY VERY yummy actions!!
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thank you! i'm glad you liked them
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thank for sharing!
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I have never used better before!Love 
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how to download it???????
where is download!?!?!!?!!?!?
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Just perfect!! I love this, great job! Thanks for share this wonderful thing with us <3
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You'll go to heaven with shoes and all for sharing! :D
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I am new in this. Your help will be greatly appreciate it. How can I apply the actions after downloading the files.

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- Unzip the file with winzip.
- Open Photoshop and the Actions panel (Window – Actions)
- Press the little arrow located on the top right corner, select the option ‘Load Actions’
- A window will pop up, browse the folder where you saved your action and load the .atn file.
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Hi! Sorry to intrude on your conversation.
Um, I'm also a beginner, and after I followed your steps, clicked "open" on the .atn file, the window disappeared and nothing else happened.

I'm not sure if I'm simply doing it wrong or if it's it's my computer?
If you could help at all, I'd be really grateful. :)

Thanks so much!
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Actually never mind!
It was just me being stupid lol.
Thanks! :)
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okie dokie, but if you still have problems with it, let me know.
thanks for using my stuff, hope you like them.
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Thank you very much
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Thank you for sharing!
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