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_for Photoshop CS+
_Credit is not required. But Greatly appreciated.

Zip folder contains:
_1 PSD
_1 Action
_1 Preview
_2 Images with instructions if use the psd <3




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Thank you ^^
Hi! Can you explain to me what PSD is. I just bought PS yesterday. I understand actions, brushes, etc but what is PSD?
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PSD stands for Photoshop Document.
It means that when you are working on some stuff and you put in various layers next time you open your saved psd file all your layers* will be there is not like a JPEG image that is all flattened.

so it means that this psd coloring has all layers and you can easily customize them ^^
hope it helps c:

*layers can be customized any time you want 
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Woaah I need to get PS to use your actions! D:
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I love it !!
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sooo niceeeee
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u are awesome!!! tx sooo much much much..
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God, ive been looking for action like this for years, thank you sooo much omfg, imma cred u for every pic i do, im serious, thanks xD
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Used here: [link]

Thanks so much! ^_^
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cute action
thanks! xD
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