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England and Reader: Hotspring Vacation

"Dude,i'm going to make a vacation for you And _____."America said with his 'hero' voice."What is it then?"England said,Drinking his tea."You and _____ Are going to a Hotsprings~!"America said again,holding a envlope in his hand for england.England spit out some tea and looked at him ,with angry eyes.

"You Git,why are you doing this?!"He said and held america by the grip of his jacket."Dude,Look ____ and you are friends but you Love her more then that,So I want you two to have some time alone...."America removed his hand and said"....and you love her alot so...take this money and card for you guys for the hotsprings,Ok?"

America gave him the envlope and England geld it with him and said "Ok America,I'll try...and you tell ___ to meet me at 4:00 Pm to take a Bus there." "Cool dude,England you will not me mad by the end of this."America left and smiles at England for luck.

England waited at the bus stop with oyu and him holding ands and you blushed Like a tomato.The bus pold up and it was Russia driving it."____ And England,You Ride is here Da?"We were a bit scared but went in anyway.However, in a few hours we reach our destiny.We were happy and smiles at each other.There were only two parts a girls and boys side,so we got changed into towals and we went in on our sides.

"Hey England?"You yelled to him on his side."Yeah,Love what is it?"England said witha worried face.

You started to sing a song you know and he did too.

"It came from somewhere beyond the farthest reaches of the world that we know, like a creature of shadow
It came to mock us, for we are so naive that we can't comprehend it,
And truly, we are fragile and small..." You sang and he hears you.He smiled and sang the next part.

"I cannot hold onto the truth
As it slips right through my fingers like a picture that is made of smoke
I don't know how I will last, because my body is so weak that I may crumble away..."

Both of you sang the main words in that song that made you two feel right next to each other

"Uninstall, uninstall I was told that I am just a single speck of dust
And cannot be more But I do not understand or grasp the true meaning
Uninstall, uninstall I no longer have a choice but to pretend
I am brave For a soldier has to be brave

You felt dizzy and looked to see a Secret path,you got out,put on your towal and walked on that path.Holding your towel, you bump onto England and Almost falls on the floor but stands still. However, he has to hold his towel tightly, because it almost fell off his waist. You look aside with your cheeks burning Red fron blushing."sorry ____ Are you ok?You were Dizzy from the hot water there?"England asked you as he held you hand."yeah Arthur,I'm just dizzy...and just was worried if you felt bad..."You blushed and held him close,and hugged him. you two keep walking and made sure you guys were close,then suddenly... A noise makes you hug England and you two Blushed.

There was,A black thing in front of us,covers in blood and teeth coverd with it too,thurst for blood.England protected you and had a book with spells with him(Suprised,Da?^J^ XD), and said a spell that made the Thing fling backward and on it's back.England was going to kill it when...."WAIT DUDE~!"A voice of america said and the thing toke off it's head,it was Alfred.

"WANKER,Why did you do that for?!"england said mad at him and hits his head."i was trying to scare you guys until England would tell You how he feels..."America rubbed his head and you were confused."what,so england you like me more then friends...?"you said blushing."yeah um..,I love you ____, My love..."England turned near you and blushed.

(Really America?DX)We finally came back to the Hotsprings!He hugged your waist tightly and rests his chin on your neck, his breathing tickling you and sending shivers down your spine. You blush deeply."Arthur..."You said making him move his head off your neck.You kisses him, and he was shocked,but he kissed back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skipping the night XD

That next day,England gave you the enalope and it had some money for you and the hotsprings people and a nice card that was a nice anime one too.You were happy and so you and england were going to be one together and you will be his love and his Princess.

The end~! ^/////^

Hope u like it and if i get more insierd i'll tell you ok?XD maybe

Well later~! ~-^
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GTWinner621 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Did you have to use Uninstall? It's from HetaOni! *cries out of fear*
Englandfan563 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
GTWinner621 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
*Cries in fear of Steve* I don't know if he's a monster who italy made a deal with, dead angry human souls, or the nations from previous time loops, But they are all cary!
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