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Draw this again: Fire Enchanter

When I saw a friend posting something called 'draw this again meme' I got inspired to remake a drawing. It's been 2 years since I made the original piece.

Last year, I got a nice tablet, became a DA member, saw a lot of tutorials and do a lot of practice. I hope I'll keep on improving. I still have a long way to go so wish me luck!

Final artwork: [link]

painting process: [link]
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If they were two twins, I would take them both xD damnHot 
Adri-Decian's avatar
The both are great! I like de 2010 version because resemble a game character.
But the 2012 is great, is so real.
KawaiiChanCx's avatar
Both absolutely amazing! You are a brilliant artist, I must say.
longlovevegeta's avatar
Woah... momma... Cora Perv 
irrevenant's avatar
Very cool.  I can see that you had skillz when you drew the first one but the composition of the second one is a lot more interesting.  You can practically feel the tension in the pose like he's coiled, ready to be unleashed.
Winnetherooh's avatar
Both of these are so amazing!
Anastasia-N's avatar
The composition has improved - on the first picture the  figure looks rather static - but you added some diagonals to the final composition - and now it looks dynamic) Changing hair direction was also a good decision)
Sith-Talon's avatar
Reminds me a lot Koth from Magic~
pinkishbloo's avatar
Reminds me of God of War. HAHA :'D

Awesome job, btw. :dummy:
PengiChan's avatar
they both look amazing tbh
Sugar-Skull87's avatar
I am so going to try this!
Jillmeru's avatar
that fab hair!
KarnivoreKiller's avatar
The second one looks like he should be saying "Bitch I'm fabulous"
Andy-15's avatar
I think they are both pretty good
Adviel's avatar
did you comb your hair difrent
heavenriver's avatar
Shadowwshade's avatar
I have to say that the first one was better in my opinion
Contumacious-Rex's avatar
Wow, this is an epic exemplar of 'Draw This Again'. The character has so much gravitas in your reworked version - his stance exudes confidence and menace, the armour and weapon have a beautiful continuity to them and the lighting, background and overall style really pop. Superb!

I hasten to add that your original is a good piece - it makes it all the more impressive that you've been able to improve it so effectively... :+fav:
Adethor's avatar
first has better colors, contrasts. second has better shapes and perspective.
TheRisen13's avatar
1st was better. even if I prefer the blade on the left side.
TheRisen13's avatar
I mean right side.
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