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Eternal Night - Applejack: Part 2

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I'm so sorry this took so long. Computer issues. Second part of Eternal Night Applejack, last in the Eternal Night series, next week, we're back with the main Doctor Whooves Storyline. Hope to see you there!

Link to Part 1: [link]
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How can Applejack be a samurai if she doesn't have a sword?
........ it was o.k. but wheres part three! and why a goat???
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I told the Samurai Applejack story as far as I wanted to at that time, that's why no part 3. Also, Highstrider is a goat because goats are nimble and hardy. If you mean Fawn Mei, he's an ibex and not a goat.
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Okay, there's links from part 1 (Whooves comic) for all of the mane cast, except RD? I guess this is how it could've happened if Dash never existed?
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Well, sort of. Dash becomes a shadow bolt captain in this alternate time line because she never went to flight camp and never met fluttershy and never made a sonic rainboom in the pegasus race and never arranged for the others to get their marks. Dash exists, but not in a way anyone would recognize.

Welp... that was...

yeah basically what everyone before me said

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was not expecting that.
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Lol, that was unexpected.
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I see what you did there.
Whoa, Didn't see that coming. I thought she would out out like batman or should I say Batmare.
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what about rainbow dash??
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Soon, it will be realized the importance Rainbow plays on the time stream.

But until then, here is where she is in the Eternal Night scenario: [link]
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YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, A thousand got-dang yes'es for you
Samurai Applejack FTW
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The Element of Loyalty Applejack.
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thats just plain ep;ic....
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Is everypony in the Bad Future Bada$$?
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No, just Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.
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Ah... Though I do wonder, what happens with Discord in this new timeline?
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Discord is still in entombed in stone. It isn't likely anypony will wake him up and, really, if he saw what was going on he might decide to move.
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And now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Nightmare Moon.
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"Once, long ago, I, Nightmare Moon, the ancient shape shifting mistress of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil upon Equestria, but a foalish Earth pony escaped my grasp. Now the Foal returns, wielding enchanted horseshoes of light; trying to undo the future that is Nightmare Moon."
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The reference wasn't the only reason I lol'd at this [link]
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First I was all, Rapunzel because of the long golden mane and Zecora, but then I see the final panel, I'm like, LOL!!!
I SO did not see that coming...
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