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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Ending
Black Wolf Mountain, November 5th, 2017.
It was a chilly, overcast but light rainy night at the Miller River Bridge. A Yardmaster and a small group of workers were inspecting it after a brutal storm passed the night before, checking for loose spikes, worn crossties, rails out of alignment, and just the general structural integrity of the bridge. The rain drops lightly hit the deck as the men checked the bridge. However it became heavy and they decided to quicken the pace to save time. They were almost complete with their inspection when they heard a sound that made them stop in their tracks. A 3-chime whistle could be heard off in the distance ahead of them followed by a mysterious bell and the rhythmic bet of a large steam locomotive coming within the dark. Looking each other, the men picked up their tools and started to make their way to the other side of the bridge. The puffing got louder and louder as it got closer and closer, the rails starting to vibrate. They made it to the end,
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 7
The engines looked in shocked. There was the spirit of the Manager and 311's Engineer and Fireman. They looked at their friend as this unexpected reunion unfolded.
"311, you didn't take revenge on the president of the CSW," said the Manager. "I was the one who did. I never told anyone and no one to this day does either."
"What's all this about?!" Gordon said.
"SSSSSHHHH!!!" said Thomas. "The moment of truth is about to come."
"I don't understand... I don't understand this..." 311 said, now confused and twisted with emotion. "Why did you intervene in something you had no right to be in? Everyone from CSW had to learn from me the hard way of not trusting me anyone... even the president... he was to have the worst of all!"
"It wasn't our decision," the Engineer said. "We were dead after that and nothing could be done."
"Only the Manager could," added the Fireman. "And he too is dead after what he had done to avenge you."
"But why..." asked 311. "Why? I thought I had done what was to be."
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 6
Thomas was still in a state of horror shock from last night. While on work duty, he told Edward all about it. He was in awe.
"But why she didn't take me away and spare me is something that I'll never know." said the little engine.
Edward took a long thought before he came up with a suggestion.
"Perhaps... perhaps 311 is fighting to preserve the steam engines so that no diesel or any other machinery can replace us here on Sodor. Maybe she's not a threat like our american visitors first thought."
"That's not what I saw," Thomas said. "She was inches from my buffers! The horrible look on her face was just as creepy as Timothy's demon form when I was face to face with him. It's been several months since I dealt with him... but something tells me that he could still be out there... maybe the war between him and me isn't over."
Thomas was filled with questions floating in his smokebox. For the rest of the day as Halloween was just hours away, he and Edward worked together, delivering the las
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 5
Thomas and Rosie had been working hard well into the evening with Mavis at the quarry. As the sun was setting, the quarry manager asked Rosie to help Mavis deliver a train of stones. Thomas couldn't leave and had to stay on guard until they returned. As the train departed, Thomas doze in the shed as a late night shower started falling along with the mist slowly rising. As the blue engine's eyes shut, he fell asleep...but it would not be for long... he woken up when he suddenly felt cold and uneasy and could sense the presence of another engine....then he heard an unfamiliar whistle before seeing the mysterious shape of what looked to be an tank engine puffing by before it fading into the darkness.
"Who... who was that, that I just saw then?" the little blue engine asked himself.
Then he heard another sound of a whistle in the distant and the puffing of an engine. Whoever it was was coming closer and closer to him. Thomas peered out into the pouring rain trying to see just who the
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 4
The following morning, Henry told Gordon and James about what he saw. They were amazed and took this very seriously. News spread down the line but many of the people of Sodor thought this was just a made up fairly tale since Halloween was just days away. However, two days later on a cool but light rainy evening, at Crovan's Gate, Peter Sam, Sir Handel were preparing to take some trucks to the slate mine but as they were about to leave, an unknown whistle was heard followed by a ringing bell.
"Sir Handel, what was that?" asked Peter Sam. "Who's whistle did we just hear?"
"For sure that wasn't Gordon's," said Sir Handel. "And from the sound of it's tone, it's American... but how could that be? How is that possible?"
"Wait a minute," Peter Sam said, now seeing something as the sound of the ringing got louder. "It's coming close! I can see a colour of light and..."
But he was cut off and became dead silent when to his horror the sounding of the bell revealed who it was when a trail of red
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 3
The next morning, it was still raining, but the engines were still lost in their thoughts, the atmosphere was changing and they were all very nervous of commencing work. Soon the subject of 311 was spread down line but no one believed it and neither did some of the other engines. Louise and David felt very regretful of telling them about it last night and were concerned that the demon locomotive would come at anytime.
At Tidmouth Harbour, Luke was waiting with his passengers for his train, "The Limited", another special express train on Sodor. It was a unique first time for him to haul a british train when he was more use to handling american ones in the states. As he waited, he looked up at the rainy sky, sighing for it made him moody. Ten minutes later, Thomas arrived with "The Limited" and shunted it behind Luke. As he was waiting for his passenger to board, Thomas ran round to talk to him.
"Hi there Luke, look about last night, it wasn't wrong of us to hear about it was it?" he ask
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 2
The Island of Sodor, 2017. One cold and rainy evening, at the sheds, the engines were all talking to two of four new visitors from America, David, a USRA 0-6-0 switcher and Louise, a rare second restored J class 4-8-4. about supernatural stories that had happened on the railway over the years. They were amazing.
"Your railway is full all kinds of unknown and ghostly things that are full of mysteries." said David.
"And not to mention some are just scary than the ones we've encountered back at home in the states." added Louise.
"What's it like over there?" asked Emily. "Non of use have ever been to the railways you run on."
"Please tell us." Gordon said.
"It's not like what you have here," said Louise. "The railways in America are much longer and bigger and we engines can do more work than another of the others. We pull much heavier passenger and freight trains and go longer distances. But at times we have to let diesels help us out for dynamic breaking."
The other engines were impressed
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Ghost Train II - The Clinchfield Curse Part 1
October 31st 1957. It was the night of Halloween and 311 was to take a train of log cars from Campton to the Black Wolf logging camp and then to deliver another train in return. Earlier that morning, weather reports issued a severe storm warning that to was to come that evening. 311's driver came up to her, with a frown.
"Well, old girl it looks like we've got a storm coming in." he said.
"Just my luck," 311 said disappointingly. "Having to take this train and then take another one down the mountain in a storm."
"Don't you worry, I'm confident you'll make it with out trouble." replied the driver.
"Confidence... it seems to be the only thing that keeps me going." 311 said with a sigh.
"Hey no matter what happens, the manager will not let those fools touch you, not as long as he or me or your fireman are here."
311 gave a small smile.
"So what's our arrival time back in Campton?" she asked.
The driver checked the schedule.
"Our arrival ti
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