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Seems I'm no longer a member til hell freezes over and now I need to pay for a core account to enable withdrawing money via paypal. I have no use for points, never have and I don't appreciate being forced to buy a product I will never use. My products will be disabled as soon as possible.

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Yeah, I meant to write a journal - nearly a year ago - but life kind of happened and so I'm writing this journal today. 2018 was an interesting year, full of ups and downs. Fortunately much, much more ups than downs. If I were to draw a curve of the last 5 years of my life, it would absolutely be a continual curve upwards and I'm looking forward to next year which will hopefully bring even more positive vibes my way. I've got a lot of stuff planned and I'm busy winding down and prepping art for next year. I'm planning to go to a few conventions in germany, so that'll keep me occupied and working on my craft.

My plan for next year is to be more active on social media, mostly on instagram - my account is www.instagram.com/i.bressel/ by the way, so if you'd like to follow, please do. I'm always happy to connect to other instagrammers. Is that what you call them? I'm so out of touch with todays lingo, lol. I'm also on Facebook, but I mostly use that to keep in touch with german speaking people and friends, so your best bet to reach me is here at Deviantart or Instagram.

About commissions:

Yeah, I accept commissions. BUT! and if you're interested in commissioning me in the future, I invite you to keep on reading:

I've come to accept that I'm not a Jack-of-all-trades. I've always thought, it doesn't matter what clients commission me for, but now I realize that it does. I want to be hired for themes and styles that I WANT to draw, not being treated as someone who can draw and is available at the time. I don't know why and how, but I've had a lot of folks contact me about fetish paintings for example and as you can see from my gallery: I don't paint fetish themes. I'm not interested in fetish drawings, porn or anything related to that and I don't see myself as a fetish-artist. It's not the direction I want to go.. well, you get the idea. My work suffers a lot when I don't feel a connection to what I'm drawing and I can't keep on inviting that kind of negativity into my life. Which means: If you really want to commission me, make sure it is something I draw or have drawn in the past. Like fantasy themes, knights in shining armor, elves, dragons, Warcraft... you get the idea.

So, hope to see you soon, if not in 2018, then in 2019. Have a great time!
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Merry Xmas

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I know it's kind of late for that, but I had to work during xmas and mostly missed the holidays. Oh well, I still managed to drink and ungodly amount of hot chocolate and eat cookies. So, how did your xmas go? Hope you had a good time :)

I'll do a re-cap of 2017 later this week in preparation for 2018 - see you soon.
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Hey everyone!

Just plugging :iconsuzarte: www.patreon.com/suzarte go, visiti, be inspired and if you can, become a Patreon!
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Well, I was going to write that I would be cleaning out my gallery of artworks I no longer like to start fresh in 2017 - even if it's almost march already. Then came Wix. Which is is unfortunate, because it sounds almost like german slang for masturbating. Ok, now that that's out of the way - I WAS going to clean out my gallery, but then I read about the new cooperation between Wix.com and DA, which does sound a bit.. I dunno pretentious calling it a partnership since Wix bought DA. It probably just means that DA will remain as brand of sorts or something. The reason why I decided against spring cleaning my gallery for now is the unfortunate "Wix.com user will be able to use the archive of DA for their designs". Of course DA has already tried to clarify that we will retain our rights to our artwork, but it sounds like this idea was born in bullshit-city and moved to bullshit town and back again. Whatever. I will write not rant about copryright, compensation options (if there are any) or some other problems I see connected with the partnership. I don't know what will become of DA and how their ideas will transition into reality.

So, business as usual and until I can make a qualified decision I'll stay and use my gallery just as I did in the past, except I'll upload more stuff to make the most out if. Deviantart is still the biggest community around and more importantly: it is accessible to many different groups of people not just artists and artdirectors which is the case for places like artstation.

I have several other accounts on artstation, instagram, twitter and facebook and as soon (and if) I decide to leave DA I'll post those infos and I hope to see you there :)
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