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I know it's kind of late for that, but I had to work during xmas and mostly missed the holidays. Oh well, I still managed to drink and ungodly amount of hot chocolate and eat cookies. So, how did your xmas go? Hope you had a good time :)

I'll do a re-cap of 2017 later this week in preparation for 2018 - see you soon.
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Hey everyone!

Just plugging :iconsuzarte: go, visiti, be inspired and if you can, become a Patreon!
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Well, I was going to write that I would be cleaning out my gallery of artworks I no longer like to start fresh in 2017 - even if it's almost march already. Then came Wix. Which is is unfortunate, because it sounds almost like german slang for masturbating. Ok, now that that's out of the way - I WAS going to clean out my gallery, but then I read about the new cooperation between and DA, which does sound a bit.. I dunno pretentious calling it a partnership since Wix bought DA. It probably just means that DA will remain as brand of sorts or something. The reason why I decided against spring cleaning my gallery for now is the unfortunate " user will be able to use the archive of DA for their designs". Of course DA has already tried to clarify that we will retain our rights to our artwork, but it sounds like this idea was born in bullshit-city and moved to bullshit town and back again. Whatever. I will write not rant about copryright, compensation options (if there are any) or some other problems I see connected with the partnership. I don't know what will become of DA and how their ideas will transition into reality.

So, business as usual and until I can make a qualified decision I'll stay and use my gallery just as I did in the past, except I'll upload more stuff to make the most out if. Deviantart is still the biggest community around and more importantly: it is accessible to many different groups of people not just artists and artdirectors which is the case for places like artstation.

I have several other accounts on artstation, instagram, twitter and facebook and as soon (and if) I decide to leave DA I'll post those infos and I hope to see you there :)
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I'm about to finish a large commission and after that, I'm accepting new commissions. Simply note me :) the reduced price for a full colored painting slot is still open as well.
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It happens, I either forget to watch someone or don't fave their works - at least I can't find them in my favorites. Maybe they've deactivated their account? I don't remember much of the artist I'm currently looking for. I think it was a female artist, working mostly with pencils and she was working on her own comic-project featuring demons..? Their style was very clean, elegant - not manga! More like book-illustrations, very gothic. It would be great if I could find her again :) 

If you'd like to share your links it would be nice, too.
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I'm still open for commission and I'd like to ask you to share my journal. Not completely free, I'll draw a winner who'll recieve a free sketch-commission (bust) from me (even fanart) if I manage to get a commission. 

My prices are:

full color illustration (up to 2 characters + background)

1 slot per month at a reduced price: 175 US-Dollar
Normal price: 300 US-Dollar

<da:thumb id="615238379"/>
(current wip)

full color illustration (up to 2 characters  no background)
80 US-Dollar

OC Commission by engelszorn

lineart or render starting at 40 US-Dollar (no complex scenes or backgrounds)

 <da:thumb id="609191808"/>  Owl and a tree by engelszorn  WIP Undead Priest by engelszorn

Prices are for private clients only!

This promotion is valid through June and ends at June 30th. You can share this post anywhere you like, but you need to comment here so I can see that you shared it in order to win. If you comment multiple times it won't raise your chance to win. I'll be counting the names and then let a generator decide who won. 

Thanks for helping me :)
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I am going to adress the topic of working for free and doing requests so I have something to link back to if I have need to do so. I'll make this very clear and short:

I will not take on requests and work for free for someone else. If you need to know why, read the rest.

Nobody does stuff for free. Nobody. Not even people who gift money to charity, as they recieve praise or a tax-deduction. Or both. I realize the body of work I could do in a month or a year could be higher if I just offered to draw for free, but it would also cost me time. Time I need to do what I can to get a full-time paying job. Time I need to learn new skills to improve my chances of getting hired again. Time I need for myself and my own projects. Time for the seminar I'm attending,  to - yes - increase my chances of getting hired again. Time to improve my own style. People who get my time for free are people I call my friends. Those are people I owe time and I am very particular about who I call my friend.

The opportunities to work for free for someone else are endless. Except those are very rarely opportunities at all, most of the time it is somebody who needs a job done but is too cheap to hire and pay someone the adequate sum for their time, efforts and skills. I've had many offers for jobs that would require an intense amount of effort and a very specialized skill-sets for money as low as 20 US-Dollar per piece from people who made it very clear that they expected me to take that offer while they would take my work and sell it at a profit. That is insulting. You need me to do a job, then pay what I ask or look for another artist to do the job. IF I take on a job that pays less than what I ask for, then it is my decision to do so, but I won't be bullied into taking it.

I've read many journals by other artists who are of other opinions. You should take on jobs with low or no pay at all to increase your chances at the job market and I can absolutely understand why they offer such advice. However, times have changed rapidly over the last 2-3 years. Artists are getting hired for work they do in their spare time and because of their own projects. Heck - it is almost a requirement that you have not only an online-presence, but also at least some kind of on-going project to show that you are capable to do what your next employer needs you to do! People are getting hired because they draw fanart. They recieve recognition because they offer a new perspective on established IPs such as Star Wars or Marvel characters. So. There are other opportunities than doing art for free. Pay for work you want to have done.
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It's a new month, which means the slot for a commission at reduced price is available again. For 160 Euros you'll get a full-color CG including a background and up to two characters. I'm also available for normal commissions. Please note that I won't be able to work on new commissions until the middle of june though! God, I swear - someone ate time while I wasn't looking. 
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It's currently only in german as I haven't finished translating the page into english. I'm happy with the design though :)

Still open for commissions, just note me or write an email to:
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Just a heads up - this month's reduced price slot is taken. Anyone who wants to commission me to draw a full color illustration plus background will have to wait until next month (or pay the usual price). Of course I still offer reasonably priced commission sans background if you are interested in those.

In the meanwhile I have more or less moved to Facebook, yes, evil and frustrating as it may be, but Deviantart has gotten a bit stale I'm afraid. I will still upload artworks here and update whenever I have something new to announce. This is my Facebook: . Default language is set to german and most of my posts will be in german (or in the near future bilingual), but you can contact me or write comments in english anytime.
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  • Watching: Deadpool get the remaining two slots at half price! Next month I'll offer only one fully colored digital commission (up to 2 characters pluse detailed background) at the reduced price. I'll be busy for the next two to three weeks finishing commissions. If you want to commisison me, simply send me a note and I'll put you on the list :)
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I believe a lot of you are asking them selves that: Why am I not getting the results, I want to achieve? Why are my portfolios ignored? There are many answers to that obviously. Luck and timing is also a factor, but you are not at the mercy of random events. You do have two things going for you no matter what you are trying to achieve and I'd like to write about those. This should be of interest to anyone who is currently trying to "make it into the industry" or who is struggling with their art - but why should you listen to me? Well, first: I've been thinking about the same problems you have and second: I've made every possible error along the way, so, if you don't trust my professional merits, trust me in having fucked up. I have also seen enough portfolios, read blogs and listened to fellow artist struggling with the same problem that I believe my personal view is worth sharing. So, what are those two factors I want to talk about?

Expertise and Exposure

Get those two right, you're set. That's it.

Let's talk about Expertise. Expertise means: you know what you're doing and if you don't know enough about a topic, you still have a good enough foundation so you don't have to learn starting from the very basics. A good example is a traditional painter making the switch to digital. You still need to learn the program and everything that goes with it, but you don't need to learn painting as that is your foundation. Expertise is what you need to finish a project within a given timeframe. Expertise in this context means a bit more than just plain: I know how to draw. It is also a mindset that you have aquired after spending years at training to learn a craft. Are you focused enough? Do you finish within a deadline? Are you flexible enough to make corrections? Nobody likes to work with someone who is not reliable and able to manage their time and ressources.

In short: Expertise is what YOU OFFER. (claim)

Most common mistake I've seen is: a very small portfolio, just including a few sketches and mostly copied from photos often just done in pencil. Nothing wrong with just pencil-drawings, but if you're only showing random copies of celebs or 80s poster, you have a lof of catching up to do until you get an internship - much less a full-time job. A personal petpeeve of mine: some websites like artstation or drawcrowd may convince you that random porn poses are all you need to draw, but trust me, it's not.


Here it does get a bit murky, but let's look at a very common example: You've finished a painting and upload it to your website of choice. That in itself is exposure, but you are probably looking at a popular artist's newest submission thinking that you'd like to get so lucky one day. Why wasn't your last submission that lucky? This is the wrong way to think. Very few people have the tools to create trends and we don't have influence over what may be hot one day and what not. I don't know how many submissions are published on DA alone on any given day, but it's massive. As someone put it very eloquently: Ain't nobody got time for that! so why would someone spend their time on DA to view them all - or until they've found your submssion?

You do, however, have time to work on your own projects. Convince people that you aren't just another pretty submission amongst thousands. Create a webcomic. Re-create a folk-tale as a mock-up concept for a sci-fi shooter MMORPG. Attend conventions, send in applications, upload videos of your drawing process. Create something that will make people want to come back to your page!

So, what if your webcomic is getting ignored? Are you sure, you've done everything right? Did you put a link to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or whatever? Do you engage with people who show interest to keep them as fans? Yes? Alright, check back: is your expertise at the level it should be? If not, invest more time and effort to improve. Especially if you're trying to get a job as a comic artist or concept artist. You do not need to be perfect, but you need to prove that you are committed to what you are doing.

In short: Exposure is not what happens to you - it's WHAT YOU CREATE. (proof)

Is this the magic button that will make your problems go away? Probably not, but it is a clear direction nonetheless and people who one day are looking to hire you will (subconcsiously) look for those qualities.

And yes, I wrote that also for myself as a reminder to keep on working!
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A new month, so I'll be offering not one, but two new slots for commissions at reduced price because I've reached 500K (after years of being stuck at somewhat around 475K, haha).

For 175 US-Dollar (Paypal) you'll get something like this:
Scouting by engelszorn <da:thumb id="571648731"/> Hiding in Colors by engelszorn Shetland Unicorns by engelszorn End of the Hunt by engelszorn

Of course I'm still offering my regular slots, but first come, first serve:

80 US-Dollar
Chalice by engelszorn

40 US-Dollar
Owl and a tree by engelszorn

Sketches are 20 US-Dollar

Starting next week I'll be taking a new course in webdesign and programming and I'm very much looking forward to that. I'm so busy, lot's of stuff to prepare and learn and the sun's shining. I want to go out xD. Gah, stuck at the monitor...
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Almost at 500K :D Send me a screenshot if you get 500K and I'll draw a little something for you!
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I'm still available for commission, but the reduced price slot is taken. Thank you :)
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It's been a while since I updated, right?

So, what have I been up to. Quite a lot actually! I've begun working on a personal project and finished working for a client. The last weeks were very positive and productive :D. I'll be working for a return client next month which is exciting news.

In the meantime I have one slot open for a private commission:

I'm offering a full-color digital illustration, max two characters plus background for 175 US-Dollar.
Example below
Scouting by engelszorn

I am considering opening this slot regularly once a month. Art (and my time, effort and work) should not be treated as discount ware, but I do understand that some would like to commission me -  only my normal prices are not within their range. So this is test and maybe it will work out Hug

Honestly wish I could show some new artwork, but since the client hasn't released my illustrations yet I can't upload them.

If you are in Germany and visiting the bookfaire in Leipzig, you can buy some posters I've created at Apfelkeks booth.

Falls ihr in Leipzig die Buchmesse besucht, könnt ihr bei Schnee und Apfelkeks Poster, Postkarten und Kakaokarten von mir erwerben - klickt auf den Link und ihr erhaltet den Tischplan des Kreativ-Bereiches:…

Soviele Leute da, die ich gerne wiedersehen würde, aber leider werde ich persönlich nicht da sein. Dafür aber wie gesagt die Poster, die ich diesmal als 300g Druck in matt anbiete - es sind also andere als die Jahre zuvor. Das sind die Motive:

Shetland Unicorns by engelszorn Chalice by engelszorn Hiding in Colors by engelszorn

Vielleicht wird es noch ein paar alte Motive geben, aber die meisten werde ich zukünftig nicht mehr anbieten. Frischer Wind muss her!
I've been part of a group of illustrators for a little over a year now and someone in that group needs help and it's urgent. I can't name her, but here is the Gofundme page which was created by another member of the group:

She can't manage the account on her own and under her own name because the person who is causing all her stress is monitoring her constantly. The money will go directly to her and it will enable her to move out of the apartment she currently shares with her abuser. If you can spare money to save an artist in real physical and psychological danger, please help.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I spent the holidays at :iconcedeth:'s home and "suffered" delicious food and a comfy guest-bed, woe is me. Today I'll travel back to Berlin and I hope that the New Year festivities won't be too rowdy. So far people managed to blow up the front door and parts of balcony, which reminds me, I should probably move the plants to a safer space.

2015 was... an interesting year, that's for sure. I hope 2016 will be just as interesting, but with less stress. SPeaking of stress, I am going to reduce my streaming schedule a little bit. It is a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of concentration and since I stream late in the evening it takes quite a toll on my sleep-schedule. I'll announce the new dates when I go back to streaming which will be in january. I'd like to take the last few days of 2015 to finish some client's work and maybe just chill for a bit.

And speaking of clients: I am open for commission again in 2016. Note me if you'd like to commission me or send an E-mail: My old Email won't be active anymore!

Commission list:

Commission Anh by engelszorn
(drew that for :iconzombiesmile: )
25 Euros / ca. 30 US-Dollar  (additional character 10 Euro / 15 US-Dollar, max 3)

Aceo Kladruby by engelszorn
(ACEOs done in watercolor)
25 Euros / ca 30 US-Dollar

Owl and a tree by engelszorn
(lineart both digital and traditional)
35 Euro / ca 40 US Dollar

Ciri by engelszorn
(Chibis in my style)
20 Euro per Character / ca 25 US-Dollar

Character sheet (digital)
Currently I don't have an example, price will be around 75 Euros / 80 US-Dollar. Includes 1 - 2 poses or one pose and a headshot.

The Frogprincess by engelszorn
(less detailed or smaller / digital painting)
75 Euros / ca 80 US-Dollar (one character plus a little bit of background)

Hiding in Colors by engelszorn
(highly detailed digital painting)
ca. 300 Euros / 330 US Dollar

King and Knight by engelszorn
(highly detailed traditional painting)
ca 300 Euros / 330 US-Dollar

Those prices are examples and since I've made some not that thrilling experiences this year: those prices are for PRIVATE clients only. No exception. Meaning you get the painting and if you'd like to make print out of it to hang on your wall, fine by me. If you want to re-sell my works in any shape or form, you will have to pay my regular price, which includes a liscense fee. Shipping will also cost extra in case you'd like to have the original sketch or a trational painting mailed to you.

As soon as I'm back in Berlin I'll upload some work I have done for Schmidt Spiele that I am very happy with, yay Vampires! And I'll be a lot more active that I was in prior to 2015, looking forward to show new stuff and improve my game. Plus, I'll be job-hunting.

Aaand if you mad it through my wall of text: have a :cookie: :)
I'll start streaming in about an hour - working on an illustration featuring two of my old characters. See you soon!
Cubebrush opens on monday and I'll be selling my brushes in my shop:

I plan to make textures and more brushes available as well. Also thinking about publishing tutorial again, so if you have a topic you'd like to hear about, simply comment. Yes, I know, it means you have to pay for my content, but I plan to have at least 1 or 2 products in my shop for free. If you have been following my stream, you'll know how happy I am with my Pencil brush and speaking of streaming: sorry I didn't give notice that my stream was offline for two days. My migraine wanted to end 2015 with a loud bang and I spent almost 3 days in bed plus I hurt my back during the attack which... sucked. At least I can work on my PC again, even if it's only for an hour or so. Stream will be online at 8 p.m. CET, but only for a little while.

My head is swarming with ideas and plans for 2016, but my main concern will be getting a full-time job again, which means: I'll be working mostly on my skills and my portfolio in the coming weeks. Except for christmas which I'll spend mostly offline with friends, but I'll continue to stream until then:

Wedndesday through Friday at 8 p.m. CET


Sunday same time

If you have suggestions concerning my play-list (music), just join the chat :)