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SPOILER LoK Blood and Water

By engelszorn
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You have been warned, but I guess some fans still want to kill me for this. Anyway, it was worth it.

Just sat a few hours working on this after watching the season finale. Somebody got a tissue for me? *sniff*
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I don't watch or care for Avatar or anything about it, but this?  This is too well done for me to not comment on.  GREAT work, it's perfect.  I honestly don't see ANY ways you could have made this better.  I always try to leave helpful comments, but sorry, I haven't got a one for you except "keep up the amazing work!"

Mandi Pope
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I'll take a tissue too ! Great story of those two.
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Why does this remind me of Assassin's Creed?
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gosh .. love that pic <3
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I love the luminous blue effect!
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Holy cow this is awesome!
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This is awesome. Tarrlok actually has pretty hair.
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This is such a beautiful portrait of the brothers! And yeah, that ending... *sniff *
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Bishonen bad guys. they did this same shit with Ozai
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Technically it's Biseinen and personally I don't mind it :P
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I wonder if Biseinen is a trope
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*picks jaw up off floor* Amazing work. Wonderful colors, and you really captured the characters.
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This is awesome. I love the contrast.
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I was wondering if it'll be alright to use your art in a tribute video for an end credit roll ? I love your style, and general layout that is behind this. All kinds of feels. You will be credited in both the end roll, and down below.
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Sure, no problem, just leave me a link once you uploaded the video.
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Thank you so much ! :) I will definitely post the link when it's all finished.
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It seemes that in this world brothers often find themselves on difrent sideds
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this is REALLY good! but how do you make thistype of artwork?
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Thank you. I use Photoshop and a Cintiq to draw.
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