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Doll: Hyan
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After some months, it's finally done. I started this in february and moved it to my scrapfolder since I was unable to continue painting this. I rediscovered the half-finished painting on my harddiscdrive and since I can't sleep anyway, I worked on it some more. Now I'm tired and my shoulders starts to hurt again -_-;

Inspired by dollfies, as you probably guessed already. Dollfies are... my personal nightmare. I don't like dolls at all, but dolls that not only look human in every aspect, but also have such a strange lookand feel to them like those dolls.. *shudder*. Especially if you stumble upon a series of photos were the owner hid all joints and posed the dolls like living people Oo;

This will be the last poster for the set that I will print and sell. Finished it on time :D

Final pre-ordering for the bookmark-set, click me!
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Comments (31)
msto0ol's avatar
I didn't love it......
I FAV it...
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PrincessAbiliss's avatar
epicly stunning
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juliaharrison's avatar
juliaharrison|Professional Digital Artist

What is it about lifelike dolls that's so creepy? You sure brought it out here, whatever it is. I wouldn't have known she was a doll except for the cracked face and the elbow.

ugghugghuggh ::shudder::

Good choice of colors, too. Red really helps the "creepiness" factor... like, exponentially. :O_o: And the white roses in the background are a nice touch.
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Labecula's avatar
Labecula|Hobbyist Photographer
BJDs haben ihren ganz eigenen Reiz, genau wie dieses Bild... Super schön!
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kietakyo's avatar
wow its awesome~~~~ her face is supposed to be cracked at the right side eh? ya artwork's really intense
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Mishikaiya's avatar
Mishikaiya|Professional Digital Artist
When I saw this, it definitely reminded me of those dolls. And they creep me out more than any other toy-like thing out there. *shudders*

But, I do like this picture. Especially the way you expressed the textures with those colors.
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Lisadora's avatar
Lisadora|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
great pic
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darkniz's avatar
Amazing work! I love how do give the picture the creepy look overall.
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EmoScab's avatar
EmoScab| Traditional Artist
Beautifully creepy :)
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Seyreene's avatar
Seyreene|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dollfies bzw. BJDs sind so schön... XD
*Mimi und Simon knuddel*

Dein Bild fängt dieses Gefühl aber wirklich ganz gut ein. Mir gefallen besonders die Augen!
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deathAve69's avatar
deathAve69|Student General Artist
Das sieht sehr schön aus *_______*
Die Farben sind richtig schön und unterstreichen das was du zu den Puppen geschrieben hast.
Mysteriös und irgendwie unheimlich. Kommt wirklich sehr gut rüber!
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LadyAngelWings's avatar
LadyAngelWings|Student Digital Artist
Very awesome! It's creepy! It's awesome! So it's
Creepily awesome!
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mekare-86's avatar
Oooh, too beautiful for words...
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JennyJinya's avatar
reminded me on orochimaru :D

No, looks really dolls-like, well done :love:
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MysteryofAlbesila's avatar
nice work Irene
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mimose-stock's avatar
mimose-stock|Hobbyist Photographer
großartig....... :aww:
ich mag deine Farbwahl
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ellaine's avatar
Es is sooo wahr - sie sind irgendwie faszinierend aber gruselig. Du hast es perfekt gezeigt in dem Bild:D
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artistic-poet's avatar

I love the hair :heart: :D
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Herwin-DU's avatar
i like it
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Lorpius-Prime's avatar
Awesome. Creepy, but awesome. If it weren't for the joint at the elbow, I wouldn't even have any idea it might supposed to be a doll, you've made it look so alive (especially with the hands). Plus the way it's dressed the background, it just all works together so well.
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Zue's avatar
Zue|Professional Digital Artist
*__* I know what you mean. I'm scared of those kind of dolls too, especially the look in their eyes! O__O;; they look like they can come alive at any moment!

This is a beautiful painting though! :D I thought it was a photo at first~ Lovely details in the hair!
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RV-TIDE's avatar
RV-TIDE|Professional Digital Artist
Pretty cool. I understand what you mean about those dolls. It can be kind of creepy.
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TheOracleDragon's avatar
amazing, you are such a good artist! :D
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SunRoamer's avatar
Ich finds immer eher gruselig wenn ich zuerst denke bei den Puppen handelt es sich um Fotos von menschen >.Q
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