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Alice in Wonderland



A Secret Santa gift.
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Ignore the star ratings, I have no idea what they mean.

I think this is a good painting overall. I like the simple composition with the two main characters in the middle and the side characters surrounding them. Also, I think the colors are pretty good. My main issue with the piece is controlling where the eye goes, and how saturated the FG/MD/BG is. The knights behind the queen are as saturated as the queen (roughly) but they are background characters. I would try and knock them back with atmospheric perspective with a white/grey wash. Also, the one lance pointing at alice is great - this brings the eye to her, but the other knight's lance is going off page. I would change that to echo the other one, and point to alice or the queen.

On the same topic, the bottom left area is the point of highest contrast. That's where you're going to be drawn to first. I'd knock that back as well, or change the water from black to green/blue to make it less of an eye draw. The muffin/scone near alice's foot and the flamingo similarly draw the eye. I'd get rid of the first, and de-saturate the second, or bump up the saturation on alice.

Hope that helps!