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COMMUNITY Valentine's

By Engelen
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Why buy cards when you can print these out?

Ink + Photoshop CS5
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Best Valentine present ever!! 😆
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You got every ones personality in each valentines. Cool. Just asking but how did you make that font for your text?
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"You give me the weirdest boner" has got to be my favorite. xD It's both hilariously awkward and kind of sort of sweet the more you think about it.
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I wish I had a boyfriend....

The guy whom I quite enjoy being around(?) loves community...

He does what Abed is doing to me all the time... w@
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I see them doing a rocky horror picture show parody
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If I ever want to ask a guy out, I'm gonna use the Chang card.
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this is actually perfect.
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this is the most epic thing... oh. god. so epic.
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These are hilariously genius.
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If anyone ever gave me the Abed one, I would have no  choice but to love them forever.

In fact, I love you forever for making these.

Congratulations. You've earned my love.
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Love it! :P the 'community' fan-base is just the best ^_^
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I love the Abed one.
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Ahaha, I love Abed.  And Britta's adorable! =D
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I do what abed does, like, all the time. lol
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OMG if i could print these i would, and i would regret nothing!!!
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i remember the Abed bit
"is there a part of you that would go over there?"
"yeah i think so"
VAMPIRE MODE. "what was that"
"a part of me. i think it was a vampire."
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LOL CHANG. Ohh these are awesome!
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lol troy's and abed are instant classics
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