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DaDa Antiquerist

By enframed
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This DaDa inspired font was made some years ago, and I have made som minor changes to it now.
All letters are caps, but they are different, so that you will get a more random hand written feeling with a little use of the caps lock.
With two similar letters next to eachother, just do like this: AabB and so on.

Freeware! Use this for whatever graphical purpose you like!

This font is copyright (c) [link], all rights reserved.
Feel free to distribute this zip-file, but with everything included.
© 2006 - 2021 enframed
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Said there was A virus, Is there any way you can reupload this?
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You can try this link:
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Awesome thank you so much for taking the time to help me, greatly Appriciated. Sorry If I spelled that wrong!
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very cool upper case font :)
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This looks very good, thanks.
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This is the best font ever...exactly what I need
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Are you aware of the fact that Hewlett Packard is using this font in a large scale commercial campaign in Norway? I DL'ed it a while back and played around with it, and then suddenly a while later I recognized it on some billboards in the city I live in.
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Like it. Used it on a t-shirt design I want made up.
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I used here [link] !
I suggest download to see it better ^^
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It's very nice... but where are the accents ?
é, à, è ?
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:) Used it here: [link]
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Nice design! But did you try mixing upper case and lower case? Like this: "FortasSe" I made them different so that you could achieve a more random feeling. :)
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No I didn't, but I'll remember it :)
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how do i download and use this??
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2nd link was fucked too, but you'll find it here:


(do a search for the title)
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Hmm, seems the link is gone but anyway it's uploaded here:

For some reason, this font makes me think of Edgar Allen Poe...
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Man, I love your font. I'll try to use it as much as possible.
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Veery cool and helpful!!!
By the way.. I used it::
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very good!
i'm sure i will use it somewhere!
thanks for sharing
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Cool fonts man! Love the odd/unique hand written ones alot. Thanks!
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