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Black Metal Lenin

Lenin says: Black Metal Revolution today!

Based on old Russian propaganda poster.
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I'm gonna make a Meme out of this if you don't mind :)
I'm using this as my Facebook timeline cover if you don't mind. :-)
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fucking lenin is a pussy ass fucker stalin is way beter z<33343333
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I like concept
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Hahaha ironical XD
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Cheers to the wit of your concept.
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Revoloution My friends revoloution of death metal!!!!
this has offically made my day
Lenin was a great man
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I would like to modified it to make a RABM photo...
But, there is a problem: I just can see his head, I can't see the image complete.
Thumbs way down
This guy was a real piece of work! Only idiots believed him and look where it got them! Their "country" is in the toliet, and their money is only good for toliet paper. So what do they do? Make and sell wepons to terrorist! Some "firends" to Deomocracy. More like plaugue on the free world
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What are you talking about?! Who told you this bullshit about weapons for terrorists? Where proofs? You have no proofs? Then sut up!
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Hell yeah ! :headbang: good work !
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lol this is funny since most black metal is about heritage and pride. Commie black metal, thats a first.
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oops sorry for the double post
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can i borrow this picture
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Interesting pic. But I can say: Fuck off Hitler, Musolini, Stalin, Mao, Lenin and all the other fucking humanity-fuckers!

Hail to fucking fuck fuck life!

No joke, nice pic man! :D
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