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Cry... I Made You Cry...


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Tips: Scars


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Cry... I Made You Cry...

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Chibi Sailor Jupiter . lineart

Resources - Lineart

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Hangout Sesh | PERSONAL | FER.AL


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Calling umin owners!

Hi all, I know I literally just started my break but I was browsing YouTube and got mega inspired by this wholesome parrots animation meme so I'd like to give it an attempt! ADDITIONALLY, Artfight has started so I'd like to give others the opportunity for offer their umin for an extra fancy attack : D Here's what I've got so far. Disclaimer: I have never done an animation meme so I don't know how good this will turn out and I don't know if I'll finish it, but I will do my darned best. .... My lazy best, that is. There's an optimal amount of effort here. If you own an umin and you'd like to volunteer it for the project, stick it below! If you have an artfight, link me to their profile (or if you have a misc. OC listing I can attack, send me that). If you own an umin but are not on Artfight.... ripperonis. But you can still stick them down here and I'll consider them as well! I may not do everyone's umin, since I don't know how many I'll need for this. I have no plan, haha. I may

Art Fight

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306 - Roses

Too Precious

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DA 20th anniversary thing

DTIYS by Loish

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Animation - Subtle

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Rain Trailer


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Mirror Frame Stock 12

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Handy Requests

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Disney and Dreams

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Dappervolk Thunderclap!


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The Ghoulish Groundskeeper


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Dtiys Amy and Shadow

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Furries and Fuzzies

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Marvel - DC

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Qinni Tribute- May you Rest upon the stars

God bless and God rest

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Learn Manga: Watercolor Tutorial complete

Check later

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Senshi

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Fishing Stars


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Stock Rules!-Revised Oct. 16th 2012

Updated October 16th, 2012 So it's about time I did one of these ;p Just to clarify in case anything is too vague. These are the rules I have so far posted on each picture; 1.) You can use the image in any way you want, a portion of it or the whole thing, it doesn't matter to me. 2.) Credit me 3.) As long as you credit me, you can make prints of your artwork that uses my stock, or post to other sites (let me know via comment or note though please so I know what site) 4.) Don't use for hateful purposes 5.) You don't have to tell me before you use it, but link me when you are done (I will fave your deviation!) 6.) Faves are obviousl


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Acrylic Painting Gift: Shiny Beedrill


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Fantasy and Fantastical

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Swimming Through Life

Scenery and Nature

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They look so cool!


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Pretty Star-Heart Background

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Chibi design


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Its gonna rain

Rurouni Love

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Doctor Devorak

The Arcana

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