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The mechanic

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Oh look who came back after Publisher!  This time he's stuck in :iconangelzoneoct: and hating me the whole way for not letting him just fade into obscurity.  Oh Andy you can never escape.

Name: Andrew "Andy" Landon

Age: 24 years old

Bio: Andy spends his days either going to college or working in a machine shop run by a brother and sister duo that have practically adopted him into their family.  While he has a biological family of his own, Andy has distanced himself from them after the "dissapearance" of his younger brother Dimitri.  He doesn't particularly like to share details but it seems his brother's dissapearance is somehow linked to magical creatures know as the Fae (or Faeries), and as such harbors a deep resentment toward them.  Ametsuchi approached Andy, finding what had happened to his family and the events slowly unfolding around them, to be a strange anomaly in the concept of fate.  She offered to bring him onto the project both because she needed assistance maintaining her equipment and because she wanted to further investigate the odd fate hanging around his family.  Andy agreed largely based on the hope that working with Ametsuchi might provide him a way to rescue his brother.  

Personality:  Andy often presents himself a bit rough around the edges when meeting new people.  He's often on edge and more than a little world weary.  Honestly though more than anything he's an exhausted college student with a strained family relationship, which just makes him exausted all the time.  Though tired and perhaps a bit more gruff than he should be, Andy can still be personable when he reminds himself to be.  As long as whoever he is talking to isn't too terribly crazy Andy can hold a pleasant conversation, and will even get quite excited when you get on the subject of things such as cars and video games (he's a sucker for the classics and has his laptop loaded with emulators).  He has a strange aversion to peanut butter though.  

Skills and abilities: Considering he works in a machine shop Andy is fairly skilled in working with machines.  He's especially interested in cars, but give him the plans and the tools and he can fix up most any machine.  And while he hates it, Andy also harbors a small bit of magic.  He doesn't have any direct control over it it as it's a form of luck magic.  But the magic gives him the uncanny talent for being in the right place at the right time...usually.

The job: Quite obviously Ametsuchi keeps Andy on as her mechanic.  Seeing to the maintence of her equipment, especially after one of the others runs through and wrecks it all. 

Other useful skills: Sarcasm??? Knowledge of magical creatures and the world they  inhabit, quick home remedies to things like the cold or burns, is very self sufficient.

Weaknesses: Not very trusting especially toward magical creatures, probably not the best at defusing tense situations, fatigue's easily because he forgets to eat or drink when caught up in work, has a negative in stealth

Relationship with some of the NPC's: 

Automaton: Finds Auto fascinating and spends a lot of time just observing them.

Kit: Spends an equal amount of time trying to dodge her hugs and attempts to make him smile.  He winds up smiling more often than he'd like to admit.

Ametsuchi: Cautious around her, but she's the boss and he'll do whatever jobs she asks without much question.
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