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[Closed] Halloween Motune # 10 | Auction

By EnferDeHell
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[Motune Closed Species Info] 
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(C)Enfer De Hell


There, there.
After the Angel type of Motune for sweet Valentine day.
Finally, we have Special Motune 'The Fallen Seele',
Semi Seele-Demon type for Halloween day!

Halloween Pumpkin 


Please read and accept
Adoptable Term of Service

before bidding.


Owner: :iconreversiwings:

SB: $120
Minimum increase : $10
Bid comment: Here

For Motune No.10
Money Plan : OK
It can provide when the bid reaches $850.
The plan will be divided in 2 payment charges within 31 days,
and the first payment must be done within 24hr after the auction ends

The Auction ENDS
72 hr after the first bid

Snipe guard: For the last 10-minute bidding, the auction will extend 30 minutes,
if the auction still not done, add 3 minutes for every bidding.

Add  chibi if the bid reaches - $400
Add portrait if the bid reaches - $850
Add Half aquatic animal form (mermaid form) - $1500  (Lineart+colorbase style)
Formore - ???

Traits for Motune #10

Type - Fallen Seele (Semi Seele-Demon)
'Fallen' describes the 'Motune'
(Except Demon type)
who failed to send their last signal
to their God creator at the very end of their life cycle,
Thus, they fall from mother god's arms, loosing their divine protection,
and become the Demon.

Authority - The False messenger of Abyssal whirlpool
Traits - Epic

Aquatic element - Taint in black
Cracking body - Sign of the end of life circle,
physique illness
Eyes - Black eyeball, trait of demon
Sacred wound - Uncommon/mixed color
with black decay wound of Demon
Crown horn - Common
Wings - Uncommon

Possession - Half aquatic animal form (Can transfigure
   to Mermaid form)

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© 2020 - 2021 EnferDeHell
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Гормонично и красочно

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PM to find out more

I think this has been a successful and beautiful art, but to make more money and earn more write me by texting

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wowwwww ! Wonderful 💜
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Umm, I Sketch in Clipstudio, Gray-scale in SAI paintool and Coloring in Photoshop.

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how beautiful like the eye's there's something inside of it like a soul and it's a demon do you like demon's maybe you might get to see santan you know the devil just cut your hand's off and place your blood in the floor and draw something dead le yes like demon fice i mean you like drawing and then if you ganna do this you clock it's need to be 3:00 got that and always remember someone of you guys always watching someone watching...

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This is amazing oh my goodness it's so good I don't even know what to say

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I love this so much! I love your style ~.~ <3

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The design is just incredible!

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Very nice work! :clap: !!!

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This design is so gorgeous, I love the broken crystal arm :love:

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Hello, do you provide payment plans? If yes, about how long could that be? Thank you.

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Hi, for Motune no.10, I can provide money plans when the bid reach $850, the duration is 31 days that divide to 2 parts, The first need to pay after the auction ends in 24hr.

Sorry for my broken Enlish :faint: . Anyway, feel free to ask~

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Got it, thank you for the reply.

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Oh my gosh! So beautiful! <3

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hehe, Thank you~, I hope he can get a good home. :love:

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