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I just couldn't find where my old flip mobile phone was, otherwise this shot would've been perfect.

To get the strange lighting, I had to set up a couple of small lamps with some blue material in front of them to balance out the yellow hue coming from one of the lamps, a couple of touch-ups (colour correction) were done in Photoshop. As I didn't take this with my usual camera, I just resized it as it didn't look clean enough to be uploaded in a larger resolution.

I did find it amusing that no matter how I took the photo, I just couldn't get Theodore to show up on the wallpaper! I recently read a fan fiction in which Junpei was trying to get a photo of him, but it was impossible!

And for further in-universe, I set the MP3 player up with Soul Phrase playing. :)
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Sweet collection *V*
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Thank you very much!
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whoa where did you find it ? 
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Find what? The Evoker, Velvet Room key or the P3 protagonist voodoo bear charm?

I know the voodoo bear charm is rare as it was a pre-order only item, the other items I could probably help you find.

Though as for the headphones, the Audio-Technica ones are the best for it - I just haven't gotten around to buying a pair and have just been using a pair I had already gotten from Japan.
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the mp3 player and the evoker 
is that a merc from atlus or what ? @@ those are so cool 
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The MP3 player is a cheap one as I haven't been able to find the different Sony NW-S20x or the NW-S205F series type Walkman MP3 players but those Sony players don't have a hole for use on a lanyard unless you use a clip that could be purchased for one - Minato/Makoto MaleMC has his on a lanyard, Minako/Hamuko/Makoto FeMC has hers loose - but the cheap ones I picked up via eBay have a hole for a lanyard but once a headphone jack has been plugged in properly then they stay plugged in very well (I use one at work as I start at 5 a.m. and don't have to deal with anyone so it's lighter than using my phone or larger MP3 players).

If you're trying to find one then I recommend looking for - Sport MP3 Player Stick or Stick MP3 Recorder or Sport Tube MP3, Waterproof MP3 stick and you ought to be able to find something similar. I have a blue one, green one and a silver one. I will probably repaint the green one to silver for my Minako cosplay just so I have a spare one.

As for the Evoker, it's a promotional item for the movie PERSONA3 -Spring of Birth- and was available via a special lottery draw when tickets for the film premiere in Japan were pre-ordered amongst other items -

1. Le Grimoire de Couer P3 -Spring of Birth- style notepad with either Fool Arcana or Velvet Room Tarot Card back style paper inside
2. Sweatbands with S.E.E.S. logo, Velvet Room circles, Gekkoukan High School logo, Shadow/Dark Hour Blood
3. Muffler style handtowels in different colours of particular characters featuring their initial main Personas (Akihiko's Polydeuces, Junpei's Hermes, Yukari's Io, Makoto/Minato's Orpheus). Some of them are more like muffler (long handtowels) and others like flannel type handtowels (small, square types) - they're a somewhat odd type of collectable that is common and fairly popular in Japan - just like collectible phone cards!
5. Collectable rubber charms of the characters in chibi form, most were in single packs but others like Elizabeth were in double packs - Elizabeth's came with a Velvet Room tarot card back rubber charm.
6. 1/8th scale models of Elizabeth, Makoto/Minato.
7. Chibi statues of the main characters that include a small Velvet Room tarot card of their respective Major Arcana (similar to Nendoroid as they are mostly by the same company)
8. Collectable pins/badges featuring official promotional artwork for the film and of the characters.
9. Collectable mousepads featuring official promotional artwork.
10. Collectable sticker sets, the shiny/shimmer stickers are rarer than the normal ones and are currently going for ridiculous prices.
11. Other stationary (Gekkoukan High School clipboard and pen set, book cover, folder sleeves) and some other items like a square pocket mirror, tote bag featuring artwork and taglines of the film from the game.
12.  Official artwork prints by Soejima, some random lucky winners got signed prints and others got some signed by voice actors from what I can tell.
13. Poster packs and other goodies like plastic Evoker keyrings, plastic solid chibi character keyrings.

The Evoker was the C/3rd type of lottery ticket prize, they're actually usable waterguns/waterpistols!…

^ Some listings on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, I recommend getting a middleman service/proxy service like Shopping Mall Japan, Otaku Republic or ArcadeGear/JapSai to assist you in getting one as sellers on eBay have overpriced them to anywhere from $60 upwards! (They're going for about a maximum of 2000 yen which would be roughly about $20-$25 US dollars - just using USD for reference as most middleman/deputy services will want USD currency conversion).
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whoah thanks for the full reply ^^ 
its really helpful to me 
you are lucky to get that evoker @@ aa
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No worries glad that was of some help. :)
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