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E-witches 100 character meme



And here's 100 version of my character meme

Obviously you already know the first half in my 50 character meme

51. Belle- another favorite Disney princess. A non-conformist, wise beyond her years and independent.

52. Pedro (Rio)

53. Nico (Rio)-

The friendly outgoing birds who love to party and samba.

54. Katy (Katy Caterpillar) - She starts of as an innocent, Caterpillar trying to find her place in life before becoming a free and beautiful Butterfly.

55. Tapion (Dragonball Z movie) - The legendary hero from planet Konats. The kind hearted warrior willing to protect the innocent from any danger. He was distrustful at first but is later befriended by Trunks, who starts a brotherly bond.

56. Kami (Dragonball/Z ) - The wise and gentle guardian of Earth. Reminds me of the caring grandfathers we'd all wish we had or remembered.

57. Frankie Stein (Monster high) - The new ghoul in school, she's friendly & clumsy but optimistic. Since she's the youngest, she's pretty innocent not knowing much about life and typical teenage things

58. Abbey Bominable (Monster High) - The tough, fierce and confident ghoul. One thinks she's cold but she's easy going and a good friend. Love her hair!

59. Rafael's kids (Rio)- The over-playful rough housing toucan chicks - must admit their antics made laugh.

60. Prilla (Disney Fairies) - A good humored fairy and one of the few who doesn't mind Vidia's attitude.

61. Ai Shinosaki (Corrector Yui) - The mysterious, cold and serious girl whose bitter experience in the past seems to be the reason for her cold, apathetic demeanor as a mask to protect herself. She then softens up at the end of the series thanks to Yui's optimistic view of life.

62. Haruna Kisaragi (Corrector Yui) - Yui's polite, calm, and caring best friend. Her ability with computers makes her a perfect candidate for Corrector, as expected by Dr. Inukai.

63. Sara Goodman (Flint the Time Detective) - The smart and gentle hearted niece of Dr. Goodman, and big sister to Tony.

64. Twilight Sparkle - One of the mane six, she's got tons of knowledge and uses incredible magic.

65. Chomper - The most adorable baby T-rex in the sequel of the land before time. Though he becomes more adventurous in the series.

66. Honey Bee (Mr. Bug goes to Town)- She's a sweet and beautiful character.

67. Oscar proud (Proud family) - Penny's well meaning but overprotective father. His antics are VERY Hilarious.

68. Sugah Mama (Proud Family) - The tough and spunky mother of Oscar, they usually don't get along much but they care for each other.

69. Cheer bear (Care Bears) - Loved her since I was a kid especially her design and rainbow symbol on her tummy.

70. Tender Heart (Care Bears)- I can relate to him cause I got a big heart myself.

71. The Spring sprite (Fantasia 2000)- Now this character was stunning in the fire-bird suite, I loved how she made everything grow.

72. Musa (Winx Club)- The most emotionally vulnerable of the group and she compensates by putting up a tough front.

73. Mordecai (Regular Show) - One of the main characters, he's more responsible although he knows when to have fun.

74. Samurai Jack- Valiant, and kindhearted hero of the show. He's willing overcome obstacles to return home and defeat Aku.

75. Demongo (Samurai Jack) - The Soul Collector is one of Aku's strongest minions, I believe it's his charisma that's appealing. ;)

76. Young Onceler (The Lorax 2012)- Other than being a likable character because of his looks, he's human because he too can easily be corrupted yet he repents later on.

77. Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary friends)- Tall, helpful and noble hearted as proven in the special 'A good Wilt hunting'.

78. Eduardo (Foster's Home for Imaginary friends)- Intimidating appearance but a real sweetheart underneath all the rough exterior.

79. Coco (Foster's Home for Imaginary friends)- Quirky but pretty clever.

80. Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda 2)- Yeah I know he's a villain but he's a gorgeous and kick** white peacock.

81. Wade (Garfield and friends/Orson's farm(US Acres))- an easily frightened duck which many phobias but he's friendly and occasionally funny (unintentionally of course).

82. Roy (Garfield and friends/Orson's farm(US Acres))- a self centered rooster who like to play practical jokes yet he's shown to be a good person not too often.

83. Thumbelina (Don Bluth's Thumbelina) - The lovely, naive heroine who falls in love with the fairy prince. She has a beautiful voice that beguiles everyone.

84. Davis Motomiya (Digimon 02)- He's a great leader, other than having courage, he has a good heart and he was willing to give Ken a chance unlike some people...*coughs*Cody!

85. Sora Takenouchi (Digimon Adventure) - So far other than Kari, she's the bravest of the female characters.

86. Roxy, fairy of Animals (Winx club)- the princess of the fairies of Earth, she eventually helps the Winx club in their adventures.

87. Alice (Alice in Wonderland 1951) - Curious and innocent girl who journeys into wonderland.

88. Stacy Stickler (Stickin' Around)- The bossy, reasonable main character with a BIG imagination that usually put her and her best friend in wacky misadventures.

89. Bradley(Stickin' Around)- Stacy's over imaginative friend, he's not very bright since he usually gets into trouble.

90. The Lorax (1972 version) - I always liked him better in the old version: wise and adorable.

91. Andy Anderson (Life with Louie)- Another Funny Dad, neurotic, difficult but caring. Always talks about the war. His catchphrases: "For crying out loud!" and "I heard that."

92. Louie Anderson (Life with Louie) - The intelligent and sensible main character. He often uses his gifted sense of humor to deal with difficult situations.

93. Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)- The mischievous spirit of chaos, he can become easily annoyed if things don't go according to his plan. Though further on much to our shock, he understands the importance of Friendship.

94. Basil of Baker Street (Disney's The Great Mouse Detective) - He's asocial, prickly (much like Twilight Sparkle was at first) and self-centered but he's brilliant, brave and
has a heart that shines so beautiful since he can be quite affectionate.

95. Billy Jukes (Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates)- The youngest pirate of the crew, he was a castaway on a desert island before joining the jolly roger and is taught pirating by Robert Mullins. He does befriend at least three of the lost boys as seen in two episodes: "Hook the Faithful Son" and "Billy Jukes, Lost Boy".

96. Slightly (Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates) - Despite being naive and immature with making decisions what can make trouble to the others, he's very loyal.

97. Wendy Darling (Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates)- Oldest of the darling children and a more down to earth personality.

98. Victor Frankenstein (Frankenweenie)- Quiet, shy and clever boy who has skills in science and loves his dog very much.

99. Toshiaki (Frankenweenie)- Victor's rival, since he's an over achiever and very competitive. He's not considered evil (Like some snobs/bullies), he's just insecure and misguided. Although maybe it's because we (me and Whiteling) find Japanese guys handsome. :blush:

100. Weird girl (Frankenweenie)- She a nice girl, the only thing disturbing about her is how she interprets the predictions of her pet cat Mr. Whiskers. I feel bad for her since she loses her cat.

All characters belong to their respective creators
The meme belongs to KoopaKidDS.
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