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Energy Brain Comics #214: Nevermind And Chill!

Looks like Monty has discovered Chandler's old TV set. While it's not too impressive in our eyes, just remember that Monty has come there from the year 1985. The Nevermind Corporation obviously dominates the entertainment industry as well; they're the Netflix/iTunes/YouTube/Steam/etc. of their time.

By the way, since you can't really see them well enough in the comic, here are the choices the start screen offers:


The Last Man In The West

The Farm

Two Kids, No Job, No Money

Music Matters

Who's There


Agent Hayes

Beethoven In Space

The Castle Walls

Stargate: Exploitation



"Summer Sounds, Vol. 14" by System 46

"Happiness" by Riley McClane

"Four Down, One To Go" by Lemonade

"Songs About Adam" by The Australian Maroon 5 Show

"Yo Virus" by Hoopster

As for the games, we're not too sure either.

We listened to Megadeth's new album "Dystopia" today. It's a quite solid thrash metal record, more consistent than 2013's effort, "Super Collider," which couldn't seem to decide about the genre it wanted to belong to (but is still a nice album). Have you noticed how similar the cover artworks for "Dystopia" and Dream Theater's "The Astonishing" (which we listened to yesterday) happen to be?

Chandler's favorite show is "Beethoven In Space." Oh, and they made yet another Wallander series.]

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