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EBC #218: Motel California, Pt. 2

Once again, Jerry and Spacebot spend the night at the Cozy Sleep Motel. The receptionist almost can't believe her eyes: Jerry was born in 1988, which means that by his driving license, he's 79 years old.

While drawing this one, we listened to the album "A Night At The Opera" by Queen. It's the one that contains the famous "Bohemian Rhapsody," and one could argue that it's among their most progressive records. It also features other well-known tracks like "You're My Best Friend" and less famous tracks such as "The Prophet's Song." Both of them are pretty awesome, though. ANATO ends with Queen's own rendition of "God Save The Queen," a moment that feels both epic and somewhat melancholic at the same time. With so many legendary classics to offer, you always keep forgetting how great Queen's lesser known songs were.

Just don't wet the sheets, Jerry -- you couldn't afford it.]

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