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EBC #217: Wait For Sleep (Motel California)

After leaving the sky bar, Jerry and Spacebot decide to find a place to sleep. As they haven't met a Chandler-like person, they'll have to settle for a cheap motel. But how? They don't have any money! We'll see in the next strip how that goes.

Tonight, we listened to Extreme's fifth studio album, "Saudades de Rock" from 2008. It was their first release after 1995's "Waiting For The Punchline" because they disbanded shortly after that and only got back together almost 13 years later. We were pretty excited to learn that they did, and saw their only show in Germany, right here in Cologne. "Saudades de Rock" offers a much greater musical variety than its predecessor. Many different styles are approached: from the opening track "Star" which reminds you of stadium rock to the alternative rock anthem "Ghost" to "Take Us Alive" which is influenced by country music. There are also hidden gems on the record, for example the almost punk-ish "Flower Man," the very funky "Slide," or the fast-paced "Learn To Love." Give it a listen if you get the chance.

Jerry [thinking]: Sure hope that guy won't recognize me and account me for stealing his comic book. I mean, if he still works there.]

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