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The Lucky Ones

For heavens sake it's done!! This one took me so much longer than I planned. 
It started out simple, with the idea of a desert and what not - because of the Akhal stock. 
However, that didn't stay for long before this happened... 
I'm pleased with it, regardless. I really love how I got everything to blend together in the background, and the rain added the perfect touch. 
The stock providers are here: 
:iconriktorsashen: - Lightning
:iconamorphisss: - Rain Brushes
:icona-stock: - Splashes -purple horse
:icongreenleaf-stock: - Background
:iconlucieg-stock: Splash-behind brown horse
:iconmiffliness-stock: -Foreground
:iconlucieg-stock: - texture/front of rocks
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WTF is wrong with that horse fetish, when i see usings of stocks, there is so much horses. WTF if you don't agree, comment my journal about it.
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Nice work!  Love images that show some of the powers of the elements!
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The ocean is one of my favorite things, especially 
when there is a storm along it. This stock made for the perfect
background <3
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I too love the ocean especially when it's stormy.  :)
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Have you ever been out to sea
during a storm? It's absolutely amazing!!
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Not on a small boat, but on a big ferry, yes, a few times, thank good ness I don't get sea sick!  lol  I also worked on a tour boat during one summer and while it wasn't on the ocean,  rain or shine we were going and there's a few times we've been rocked a nice bit.  lol  Love it!
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Excellent job blending the backgrounds and the rain! FANTASTIC work! :clap:
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you so muchhhh!!!
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